Nothing Said You’re Now An Adult Like These 9 Things

When you were younger your parents didn’t let you do certain things because you were too young, but as you got older things changed. Once you were given permission to do these things, you walked around like you were such an adult…

That moment you upgraded from the back seat and had access to the aux cord was eeeeverything.


But you had to be careful not to play any songs with dirty lyrics.

You thought you were the sh*t the day you had your first cerveza with your tíos.


And you had to tell the world you were officially an adult. #myspacepose

You knew  you made it when you were invited to play in their Sunday soccer league.


You’re a grown man now. ?

Graduating from the kids’ table to the adult dinner table had you like…


Your tías finally thought you were old enough to handle all of their juicy chisme.

You know you’re a grown lady when you were brought over to join the tamale assembly line.


It was an honor at first… Until it turned into a chore. #instantregret

For guys, the second you got to touch the grill was *glorious.*


But if you overcooked the asada, better believe you’d lose your privilege.

Holding the piñata rope is a huge responsibility only fit for a grown ass adult like yourself.

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Handle it, the pressure’s on. ??

And when you no longer needed a family chaperone to go to the movies… You were like ‘Ooooooh yeeeeeeah.’

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You could finally sneak in a little smooch from your date. ?

But best of all, as an adult, you were able to slip out a few curse words. You know just every now and then.


As long as your abuela didn’t catch you it was all good.

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