Not Even a Massive Blizzard Can Keep Latinos Away from Their Favorite Things

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While the rest of the country was freaking out over the latest blizzard, Latinos once again proved nothing stops us. Not even a tiny blizzard.

No storm is bad enough to keep us from making that beer run.

How else are we going to pass the time locked inside with our family?

Below freezing? Sounds like a great time for some half-naked shenanigans.

Because we’re strong and nothing can hold us down.

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We will literally do anything for our beloved Chipotle.

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I see you over there alone and cold. Don’t worry. Omw!

Mami’s cooking it totally worth a long walk in the snow.

And with any luck, she’ll have a fresh pot of caldo waiting for you.

It’s always the right time for a fiesta, amiright?

Especially cuando hay nieve to keep the drinks cold.

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Snowzilla also makes for a good Insta pic.

Y comenzó la tormenta invernal #tormentadenieve#nyc#JacksonHeights# friooo

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When else are you going to be able to take a prettier picture?

And coffee is just as enticing as Chipotle.

No matter how cold it is, un cafécito is ALWAYS the answer.

Mami will still make sure you go out there and do your chores.

#MiBebe #limpaindolanieve !! Hahaha #tormentahistorica #tormentadenieve #snowstorm !! @romero_eliot

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Mainly because shoveling snow is a basic skill everyone should know.

And no massive blizzard is keeping us from a beach day.

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Now's a Good Time to Revisit the Time Chris Rock Said Mexicans Don't Get Enough Love from Hollywood


Now’s a Good Time to Revisit the Time Chris Rock Said Mexicans Don’t Get Enough Love from Hollywood

Carlo Allegri / Getty

This year’s Academy Awards host, comedian Chris Rock, has never shied away from controversy. During his forthcoming Oscars monologue, expect Rock to fire several shots at the Academy about the glaring whiteness of the nominees and Hollywood in general. It won’t be the first time Rock addresses the topic: in 2014, he wrote an essay for The Hollywood Reporter, detailing his thoughts about the lack of minority representation in Hollywood.

He explained why he was so grateful that established comedians such as Eddie Murphy helped him out:

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

After breaking down why Hollywood remains a “white industry,” Rock had a question about Mexicans:

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

YEP. He said, “You’ve got to TRY not to hire Mexicans.”


Rock elaborated on what he meant by “slave state.”

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

Mr. Rock, there are more than just Mexicans in Los Angeles, but we get the point.

He wasn’t done there. Rock continued…

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty

Mr. Rock, meet The Rock:


Read the rest of Chris Rock’s essay @ The Hollywood Reporter.

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