No One Is Handling This Clown Epidemic Better Than Latinos

By now you’ve probably heard of the sightings of evil clowns popping up all around the world. As terrifying as they are, it’s no surprise that Latinos found a way to laugh off the fear and create some hilarious memes along the way…

1. You’ve seen clown sightings everywhere – even in Mexico.

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You think that’s scary? Wait until you take the wrapper off.

2. You should’ve seen it coming all along.

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They’re embracing the evil.

3. It’s no surprise your favorite Mexican TV shows are jumping on board.

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Spoiler Alert: Rich kid hangs with the wrong crowd, joins evil clown gang, grandmother prays, random white rose appears, wind blows, kid turns his life around.

4. The ones most excited for this wave of terror are “Primer Impacto” producers.

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And low key your mom.

5. And of course, your savage mom doesn’t miss the opportunity to drag you.

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6. I mean, she’s been calling you a clown for years.

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Next level Mexican mom joke.

7. Remember, not all clowns are evil.

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Sometimes they’re just misunderstood.

8. But if evil clowns want to play…oh, we can play.

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Y’all are going to learn not to mess with Latinos.

9. We don’t run and scream at the rumor of clown sightings in our area.

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We ain’t never scared.

10.  The only one we might be afraid of…

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We’re retaliating with the power of votes.

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