No One Has A Rougher Winter Than People In Miami

Most people enjoy wintertime and all the magic and wonder it brings. But winter time in Miami is a lot different than winter anywhere else.

When November rolls in everyone is draped up in plaid and turtlenecks.

Ready to go from Halloween to Christmas in a heartbeat.

But in Miami people are rocking bikinis.


You’d think we’d have some chill and not try to make everyone else jealous, but no. #sorrynotsorry

Trying to figure out what to wear in fall or winter can be a struggle.

Our fashion is on an entirely different calendar.

Be we wear our winter gear any chance we get.


People try making smart a$$ remarks about our outfits, but we won’t have it.

This is the only chance we get!

Everyone else is stomping around in boots…


But our chanclas are one-season-fits-all.

Just add an extra layer, ¡y ya!

When everyone else is snowed in…

…We literally go party at ice clubs to feel a chill.

We have to wear our Uggs somewhere!

While everyone’s making amazing snowmen…


We get it, you live in a beautiful, blustering winter wonderland. ?

We’re making sand men.

He’s just a little crispy.

New York gets snowed in, but this is our version of a “Snow Day.”


Every Miami kid knows about that tiny patch of fake snow at the local winter carnival or park. We do what we can.

Everyone knows that feeling of panic the first day the barometer falls below 70 degrees.

It’s also the first time we actually listen to abuelita after she yells “Ponte un sueter!”

While everyone else eats eggnog with pie…

Give us coquito or give us death!

…We eat chocolate y churros.

…but also everything else because holiday food is delicious and I want it all. *prayer hands emoji*

A traditional Christmas song usually marks the beginning of the season everywhere else…

Who doesn’t love this, though?

…But winter officially arrives in Miami when Power 96 starts playing this:

We still love our classics, but Miami always has to find a way to turn up.

While everyone else is sliding down real snow…

…We go on carnival rides in Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

Santa’s is considered the largest Christmas themed park and it’s a rite of passage for every Miamian.

Santa Clause is usually bundled up everywhere else…

…But he lets loose when in Miami.

Really though.

…And goes on fishing trips, because, Florida.


Who knew Santa had so much free time?

But the biggest difference is that THIS is winter in Miami:

Yup, even on Christmas Day. 😉

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What do you love about winter in Miami? What do you hate? Let us know!

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