News Flash: Not All Latinos Are Mexican

Not All Latinos Are Mexican

Not All Latinos Are Mexican – P.O.V. with Eddie G (Episode 7)

What part of Mexico are you from? Cue the eyeroll. If you’re Latino, you KNOW that not all Latinos are Mexican. But you’ve probably spent your whole life explaining this to people who swear all Latinos listen to rancheras and drink tequila. Now you’ve got the help of Eddie G, who breaks down what’s obvious to you but not many others — that not all Latinos are Mexican. Oh yeah, and the term “American” is not exclusive.

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Oh "Yeb" Bush


Oh “Yeb” Bush

Jeb Bush

Tomato, tomahto. Hispanic, Jeb Bush. A New York Times article revealed Jeb Bush decided to tick the Hispanic box on his 2009 voter-registration application in Miami-Dade County.

Photo Credit: Miami-Dade County / New York Times

Even though Mr. Bush is married to Mexican-born Columba, lived in Venezuela a couple of years and speaks Spanish, he is not Hispanic…not even a little bit. According to him, he made an honest “mistake”. No one is going to let a potential presidential candidate off that easy.

The Internet called him out

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As did @MexicanMitt

Fake (and funny) Yebs joined in on the mockery

So did his son

Even he even got in on the Twitter fun

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