Mom Pretends To Be A Clean Freak, But Look At All This Regadero She Keeps In Her Closet

In every Latino home, you will find  the closet. Inside is all the junk your parents just can’t say goodbye to, even though no one has used them for years. And while some items have real sentimental value, others make you scratch your head, wondering, “why the hell are they saving that?” Like this…

Let’s open the door and see what you’ll probably find in your parent’s hoarding closet.


There’s that communion dress you wore once, several decades ago.

Why mom keeps it, no one knows. Anytime you have visita, you can bet your mother will put this dress on display and talk about how cute you were. Keep kleenex on hand, cause momma always has a meldown talkinga about this stuff.

That toilet paper cover your abuela gave the family as a gift.

Your parents can’t throw this creepy thing away because it was a gift from abuela. Most of the year, they keep it locked away in the hoarder closet… Until abuela asks about it.

Speaking of dolls, there’s always a few of these hidden in the hoarding closet.

No one knows who they belong to or how they got there. They’re just there. And every time you look for something in that closet, you’re certain there are more than there were last time.

There’s that long forgotten hidden present.


Sometimes parents get so good at hiding presents they forget where they hid a gift in first place. Then one day, you’re digging around for abuela’s toilet paper cover and you find that long lost gift.

Of course, the long forgotten present was that Furby you wanted back in 1998.

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What were you thinking?

Then there are those board games on the top shelf that no one can play because of missing pieces.


What’s the point in keeping them?!!

Those “fashionable” clothes your parents can’t get rid of.

Fashion trends come and go, and the hoarder closet is proof. Inside, you’ll find anything from bootcut jeans, peasant shirts, fanny packs, mini skirts, blazers with shoulder pads, velour track suits, and leather jackets with tassels. Basically, anything your parents believe might come back into fashion hangs out here waiting for a second chance… with a few holes.

Check the pockets of those clothes and you’ll find extinct candy.

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The pockets of clothes in the hoarder closet are like mini-museums. You’ll find old lottery tickets, discontinued candy, pesos, old tissue, out of style glasses, pogs, old watches, acrylic nails, and lint. It’s really a trip down memory lane.

Keep an eye out for failed workout equipment.


Once upon a time, your dad saw a commercial for workout gear that would change his life. Flash forward to today, and papa is yelling at the football game from his La-Z-Boy, and those life changing items are tucked away deep inside the hoarder closet.

That old family computer your dad refuses to throw out is in there too.


Because in the 90s it was considered a huge investment. The second reason your dad refuses to throw it out is because he’s worried hackers will steal his identity.

Art your mom never let your dad hang on the wall.

Your dad thinks it’s art. Your mom thinks it’s trash. So now his art lives on in the hoarder closet, waiting for a garage sale.

Shoeboxes… Full of important family documents.

Again because your dad thinks his identity will be stolen if he inputs his information in any computer, you’ll find boxes of old family tax records. In another, your dad’s soccer uniform from 1994. Then there’s the box full of old love letters your mom refuses to throw away, even though they’re not from your father. The only thing you won’t find in these shoe boxes are actual shoes. Go figure.

And the most important part of a hoarder closet, the closet organizer.


Sadly, the closet organizer lasted only a few days before it collapsed and disappeared forever into the depths of all the junk your parents stored in there. Everyone knows it’s still in there, but no one wants to dig it out. Who knows what other horrible, forgotten items are waiting in there.

Of course, this is only what you’ll find in the hoarder closet. Don’t get us started on the attic…

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