Mom Goes So Crazy Over People Visiting For The Holidays, She Turns The House Into A Full Blown Museum

Everyone knows that mom loves to show off when it comes to the holidays. The house is the cleanest it’s ever been and this is *the* time to show the rest of the family all of the great things you have at home.

1. Mom makes sure that the house is spick and span.

Halfz7Khan / Reddit

There’s not one piece of dust in the entire house.

2. Literally, every piece of art you have ever made gets hung up so mom can show off her little artist.

@burning_genius / Twitter

Even when you’re 23 and that drawing is at least 20 years old, she proudly places it on her wall of fame. Can you not?

3. The furniture gets covered in that super comfortable clear vinyl to make sure that no mess is made.

@Poll_Fob / Twitter

4. All of the fancy china gets dusted, washed and arranged just so to show off how *fancy* you all are.

@mzzmilliegrace / Twitter

5. There’s always an interactive photo album experience that low key forces people to discuss these historic events.

Houston Dash / GIPHY

Mom: “Here is little Marisola on her first Christmas.”

Tía 1: “Hay. Que linda estaba.”

You: “¿Estaba?”

6. Speaking of interactive, there’s always a family home video queued up in the living room.

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7. At some point, mom gives all the tías a house tour – even if they were there last week.

Digi-Wolf / Reddit

And you begin to panic whether or not your room is clean.

8. Like the docent at the museum, there’s always that one prima who has to be the babysitter.

Tamar Braxton / GIPHY

9. And, yes. The kid’s crafting corner during the holidays always gets messy with at least one innocent victim.

Nancy998 / Reddit

Remember all those time you tried making those little necklaces at the science museum? Yeah. It’s like that.

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