Snapchat Confessions, Hypocrisy and More Reasons We’re Ditching Church

Growing up, we were dragged to church every Sunday because “es pecado faltar a la misa.” Now that we don’t have mamá breathing all her Ave María Purísimas down our neck, we, and 59% of millennials, are ditching church because…

We’re Pro Gay

Smartphone Confessions Exist


It’s Booooring

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Jesus and Social Media Don’t Mix

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#JesusLives, @jesusontwittorr…Really? What happened to the sacred worship of God? Kim Kardashian’s latest cleavage shot and Jesus should never be next to each other on our Twitter feeds.

Sundays are Chill Days


We’re Rebels Breaking Tradition


We Don’t Believe in Magic


One Word: Limosna


Religion is Not a Trademark

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Women Kick Ass

Ah, modern times #FairyTale #YouAreNotTheBossOfMe bye-bye ??

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We Do Church in PJs

I come home and look whose finding Jeeesus! (In my preacher voice).. Finally!! #churchtv #latenight

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