These Mexican Nicknames Are Probably the Reason Why We’re So Emotionally Unstable

Mexican nicknames are a trip. They’re basically an adjective that you end up getting stuck with for the rest of your life. And because they’re said with cariño, no offense is supposed to be taken – at least that’s what were told. Some of them can be downright mean though, especially when it comes to nicknames inspired by your appearance.


“Fea” or “Bruja”







Credit: Shakira/britneyaddiction.tumblr.com

Blond or light-skinned? You qualify as a güera (even if it is with the help of hair dye).




Credit: nayelibenhumea.tumblr.com

Face it, freckles are cute AF!


Credit: CBS

No guy wants to be called “shorty” unless they’re tall, I guess.



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