These Mexican Nicknames Are Probably the Reason Why We’re So Emotionally Unstable

Mexican nicknames

Mexican nicknames are a trip. They’re basically an adjective that you end up getting stuck with for the rest of your life. And because they’re said with cariño, no offense is supposed to be taken – at least that’s what were told. Some of them can be downright mean though, especially when it comes to nicknames inspired by your appearance.


Yup, if you’re Mexican, no one is calling you plus-sized or curvy. In Spanish you just get called fat.

“Fea” or “Bruja”

Betty la fea

Betty La Fea isn’t the only one who has had to suffer with an “ugly” nickname. Whatever, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



There you are minding your own flat-nosed business when somebody gotta up and call you chato.



No one really minds being called flaca, so as far as apodos go, this one’s not bad. Unless you’re llenita and people are calling you flaca just to eff with you.

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Why, why would anyone want to be called moco, que asco?!



This one has nothing to do with being Chinese and everything to do with having curly hair.



If you’re born with big ears, good luck, because they will call you chango for life.


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Blond or light-skinned? You qualify as a güera (even if it is with the help of hair dye).



If you’re not a güera sometimes you get called prieta because you’re dark skinned. And sometimes you’re called prieta even when you’re light-skinned. ¿Quien los entiende?

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Judging you

If you don’t speak Spanish or aren’t fluent or where born in the U.S. or for any other judge-y reason you’ll be the pocho of the group because you’re not Mexican enough with your “Americanized” ways.



Face it, freckles are cute AF!


Credit: CBS

No guy wants to be called “shorty” unless they’re tall, I guess.



This one is all kind of confusing because you might be someone’s viejo or vieja if you’re attached to them romantically… or their parent. Uh oh, it’s kind of Oedipal if you think about it too much. Don’t think about it, don’t think about it.



Aww, imagine getting called “baby girl” no matter how old you are.

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Crazy Revenge: How Bibi Took Down the Biggest Cartel after Her Husband Cheated


Crazy Revenge: How Bibi Took Down the Biggest Cartel after Her Husband Cheated

Credit: Wired UK

Antônio Lopes, known as Nem, was Rio de Janeiro’s most notorious drug lord. He lived in Roncinha, the biggest and most well-known slum and provided all the rich kids in the surrounding areas with a substantial dose of drugs. He was all-knowing and smart and thought he had his bases covered when he restricted his associates from using cell phones, computers, and social media in order to protect his business.

In fact, “he regarded the mobile phone as a menace. Members of his cartel were forbidden to mention his name on the phone. When they did, they would refer to him by phrases such as ‘the one next to God’, ” Wired reported. But he couldn’t control everyone — especially the wives of his employees.

Enter Bibi Perigrosa, the wife of Saulo de Sá Silva, second in command in the organization. He cheated, she was livid and so she took to social media to speak her mind. In one instance, she posted her cell phone number and that was the beginning of the end.

Perigrosa and Saulo’s cell phones were tapped leading Brazilian investigators straight to Nem, seriously damaging his drug business. He’s now serving a 12-year sentence.

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