Melissa Lozada-Oliva Understands Your Love/Hate Relationship with Spanish

How Spanish Ends Up as Lipstick on Your Toothbrush

“My Spanish always asks why it’s being compared to food: spicy, hot, sizzle.” We’ve all been stereotyped by our Spanish. We have suffered the sting of embarrassment when our Spanish is not up to par. We also know the power of saying “I love you”…in Spanish. Poet Melissa Lozada-Oliva explores our relationship with Spanish — the frustrations and annoyances, the love and hate, our memories and history — and puts those feelings to a spoken beat in her gut-wrenching biographical poem, My Spanish. Watch the video above to see why Lozada-Oliva describes her Spanish as ‘an itchy phantom limb’ and how it ‘sits in the corner of a classroom, chews on a pencil, does not raise its hand’. *Snap, snap, snap*

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