Mattel Might Make Our Dreams Come True With An Official Selena Barbie

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First the Selena M.A.C. line, now this? God is so good ??.

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Remy Ocampo who calls herself “a huge Selena fan and Barbie collector” started the petition this week to make this ? a reality.

Credit: change.org

Yassss, please!?

We’re crying tears of joy just thinking about this.

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We’ve been waiting for this our whole life ?.

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What prompted this petition to help make our dream come true?

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“As a huge Selena fan and Barbie collector, we want Mattel to create an official Selena doll in her likeness. There has yet to be any curvy Hispanic barbie dolls in any Barbie line and we think Selena is a perfect candidate for that kind of representation,” says Remy. I mean, yes!

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While Mattel recently released a new line of curvy Barbies, and JLo and Beyoncé Barbies already exist, we need a Selena doll! Here’s how you can make this happen…

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Sign the petition! So far the petition has just over 3,000 supporters out it’s goal of 5,000.

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Because… Anything for Salenasssss!

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Latina, Proud Feminist, Civil Engineer And Looks Good In A Hard Hat…Take That Boys

Things That Matter

Latina, Proud Feminist, Civil Engineer And Looks Good In A Hard Hat…Take That Boys


For Patricia Valoy, feminism comes naturally.

She’s a 29-year-old Dominican who worked hard for her Columbia University education and her career as a civil engineer. She was raised by her mother, Rayna, who left her abusive husband with her three daughters and found herself a job as a caretaker to make a living.

“She lived it,” Patricia said of her mother’s feminism. “She didn’t talk about it or wear a T-shirt.”

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And that’s exactly what Patricia is doing. She knows she’s in a male-dominated field and in order to prove herself, she works harder and makes herself be heard in a room full of men. That means, instead of eventually becoming a feminist activist, she’s going to stay in her field and beat the odds, unlike many women who leave mid-career.

And while she’s at it, she’s determined to make a change, starting by changing all the signs that read “Men Only,” “Men Working,” “Train Men” and “Crewmen Lockers.”  She explains: “They could all be unisex.”

Go get ‘em girl!

Read more about Patricia’s story and how her entire family is beating the odds from The Washington Post here.

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