Hold the Diamond Ring – Here’s Why I’d Never Marry in My 20s

Why in the world would anyone get married while in their 20s? Our 20s are a time for self-exploration and self-discovery; not a time to get hitched and get dragged by someone who isn’t on the same page. Next time your nosey tía asks you why you aren’t married yet, just let her know…

Traditions were mead to be broken.

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We’re no longer considered a cotorro/a if we’re not married with three kids by 23. What’s the rush anyway?

Marriage? I don’t even know what I want for dinner, much less who I want to marry.

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Some of us don’t know what we’re doing after college – and that’s totally cool. It takes time to figure out what we want to do the rest of our life and marriage is the same. Do I want to spend the rest of my life with this person? Let me think about it…

I’m not a DNB. I want my Bachelors, Masters, PhD and a bunch of other things.

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I mean, we just graduated and we’re thirsty to learn more. Who has time for an s/o AND 25-page papers?

Also, I’m trying to build my empire here.

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We aren’t gold-diggers, we’re waiting until we can fully support ourselves first.

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I’m using this time to become the badass I was meant to be.

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Now is the time to try that new hair style. Maybe start a new diet or plan how we’re going to rule the world? Doesn’t matter. This is our time.

Oh and I need to put my ❤️ first.

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Well said, Demi.

The time to experiment is n o w.

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Sexually, career-wise, hair color, all of it. We will experiment and own it. We’re going to live it up, baby.

It’s also time to be selfish and do us, boo!

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Before having a spouse and children demanding all our attention and help, I’m going to do me.

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I want to see the world, damnit.

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All that money it would cost to have a wedding can be better used exploring this rock we all live on. Cancun, anyone?

I haven’t recovered from the last breakup. Can I get a break?

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Let’s be honest, very few people are emotionally stable in their 20s. That’s why waiting to get married is probably best.

I’m still trying to figure out life, let alone in-laws.

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We all know the stories of terrifying in-laws making life hell. Yeah, let’s wait on that.

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