This Video Shows How Brave a Woman is as She Gets Naked

Credit: StyleLikeU / YouTube

That Moment You Wake Up

Demi has talked about it.  Selena has talked about it. And many more have experienced it too.

With all the body shaming that exists, it’s no wonder so many of women (and men) are afraid to show their true self…to bare it all. It’s hard — tall, short, skinny, curvy — to feel proud of our reflection because we learn nothing is ever good enough.

Well, Marie Southard Ospina, editor for Bustle, confronts her own body image issues in StylelikeU’s project “What’s Underneath.” The project focuses on having different people get undressed, show off their real figures, and share how they feel about their bodies.

Watch Marie share her most intimate feelings about herself, like when she needlessly and dangerously tried to change her body type. Half way through the video, she recounts a tale of a surprising trip taught her that not everyone in the world is about body shaming. And don’t miss the 9:32 marker when she wipes off her red lips reveals the moment she feels the most beautiful. Brava!