You Probably Wouldn’t Expect This Latino Singer To Bust Out This Mask During An Interview

AND Marc Anthony nails an Alejandro Sanz impersonation.

Marc Anthony sat down with Enrique Santos to talk about his next musical endeavor: playing at Radio City Music Hall for five days starting August 26. But with so many other artists trying to promote their work, how does one stand out? Easy. Throw on a Chewbacca mask and make yourself laugh till you can’t breathe. You might remember the mask from the viral sensation that was Chewbacca mom. She brought untold joy to millions of people around the world and instantly became an Internet celebrity. This time, the mask is being used by Anthony to make people pay attention to him as he talks about his music… and we think it’s a winning combo. However, what you really need to see is his impersonation of Alejandro Sanz. You’ll laugh yourself silly.

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