These Bromances Will Make You Question Your BFF

Nothing will ever tear these guys apart. *Queue sappy music*

Only the Best of Friends Can Tolerate Each Other for Months on End

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You could barely handle dealing with your roommate for a few months, but these guys show you what a real friendship looks like. Their bromance – and tour – are endless.

Teammates No More, but Friends Forever


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Despite leaving the Lakers for the Bulls, there were no hard feelings between these two. The key to Kobe’s heart? Championships.

Make Me Your #TBT So I know It’s Real

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Nothing says true bromance like showing off your boy’s accomplishments.

A True Bromance Doesn’t Have a Language Barrier

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We still don’t really know how Juan Uribe communicated with Hyun-Jin Ryu, but they made it work.

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No New Friends

So.. Ummm, this happened last night..

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Fez’s bond with Kelso, Eric and Hyde goes back to the 1970s. That’s real.

Mates for Life

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Mates? More like brothers. They have a tight bond on and off the field — and they’re not too embarrassed to demonstrate their love for one another.

Twiñatas! Yes, Really


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They’re complete opposites, but that’s what makes them the perfect pair.

Partners in Crime

Watching one of the best cop flicks ever … #endofwatch #police #lapd #911dispatchers #thingoldline #911dispatcher #thinblueline

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Se llevan, pero se aguantan. These guys are the definition of ride or die – on and off the screen.

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