9 Memes Latinas Will Find Funny

The Too Faced Chocolate Palette is cool, but it has nothing on this masterpiece.

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It’ll leave your face smelling like sugary goodness. Dulce de Leche glow though, come through and give me some life. Just be careful with the Mazapan one, it’s fragile.

We need something that comes with highlighter, blush and some real bronzer to match our morenita skin.

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You won’t find it at your local Sephora, but at tiendita de la esquina.

This eye palette is FIRE in more ways than one.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.02.11 AM
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It gives a whole new meaning to a smokey eye.

The sad truth about matte lipsticks.

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You know which limes we’re talking about. Those that have been sitting in a taquería forever. They’re basically there for decoration.

Same goes for those with ashy, unmoisturized skin. Not you of course, we all have that coworker.

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Nothing gives more highlighter goals than a glistening piece of flan and when the light hits…its a glorious moment.

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You look delicious.

No one or nothing knows more about keeping your skin moisturized than a fine piece of tres leches.

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You deserve to be more than a basic Walmart sheet cake. Treat yo self.

This perfect glow up that only happens during summer.

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That feeling you get when you get your first summer tan ??.

The only time size really matters…

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Ok well, not the only time ?. We like big lashes, too.

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