These are the Things that Make Life Worth Living

Sometimes you’re not sure if there’s any rhyme or reason to life, but these little moments restore your faith.

When they forget to charge you for the guac.


Credit: @ssccdiet / Instagram

Thank you baby Jesus.

When Tajin doesn’t clump.


Credit: @nicole25 / Instagram

It’s like the heavens hand-picked the the bottle themselves.

When you forget to pay the meter but there’s no ticket.


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When you find money on the street.

Credit: oakwoodluv / Tumblr

I’m rich, b*tch!

When you wake up and your hair looks amazing on its own.


Credit: @silv09 / Instagram

Clearly, angels arranged each strand while you slept.

Not to mention when your eyebrow girl matches you brows perfectly.

Credit: que-cooltura / Tumblr

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When your team closes the win in overtime.

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That moment your paycheck shows up in your account.

Credit: La Face Records / Outkast / thatretaillife / Tumblr

No greater blessing in life.

When your two favorite novela stars finally get together.

Credit: Gossip Girl / CW / walshlucy / Tumblr

Basically as good as when you find love IRL.

When the chips are fresh out of of the fryer.

Credit: @felcat / Instagram

Bonus if they burn your fingers at first.

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When you have three margaritas and wake up with no hangover.


Credit: cheeriobarsick / Tumblr

Divine intervention at its finest! (Either that or you’ve built up an alarming tolerance.)

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