This Poem Is For Anyone Who Has Ever Had Their Name Mispronounced And Apologized For It

These women have had enough with changing their names to make it easier for the world. They’re fed up with saying their name in a different way so it’s easier to fit other people’s tongue. Slay, ladies.

We have all been on this end of trying to teach someone our name.

Credit: All Def Poetry / YouTube

There is nothing to apologize for when you have a name that is interwoven and connected to your mother tongue. Stop apologizing. Those who cannot pronounce it should apologize for mispronouncing it. Amiright?

As younger Latinos we whitewashed our speech, but why?

Credit: All Def Poetry / YouTube

What is wrong with saying mami? What is wrong with pronouncing Jessica like Yesika? Nothing, that’s what.

If they think you’re being difficult, let them know that it is your name, NOT a suggestion.

Credit: All Def Poetry / YouTube

“…when I ask for someone to say my whole name, every syllable of it, as if I should apologize for the work that it takes. BUT WHY?”

“My name is all that I have to call my own!”

Credit: All Def Poetry / YouTube


Check out the full poem below and get ready to cheer and scream as you love and embrace tu nombre!

Credit: All Def Poetry / YouTube

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