Only a Mexican Stomach Can Survive These Snacks

Because Latinos don’t understand basic. 

Basic people’s mouths water when they see this…


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That’s because they haven’t seen how we do watermelon.

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It’s a work of art.

We rescue cucumbers from being basics…

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To this. With tamarindo…

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Or chamoy y cacahuates ?.

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Caramel apples? Who eats those?

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We have THIS.

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Our fruit salads are like freakin fireworks.

Credit: MyRecipes

Just when you thought french fries couldn’t get any better…

Credit: Time Out

We give you carne asada fries.

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It’s almost a Latino sin to eat chips the plain way.

Credit: Giphy

Or Hot Cheetos.

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And our hot dog game slays.

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Even our salads turn to full-blown chamoy masterpieces.

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Others Netflix and chill, we have Redbox and raspados.

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Just when we were starting to get annoyed because people stole Margaritas from us, we served them this.

Credit: @travelgirl1006

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