Only a Mexican Stomach Can Survive These Snacks

Because Latinos don’t understand basic. 

Basic people’s mouths water when they see this…

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That’s because they haven’t seen how we do watermelon.

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It’s a work of art.

We rescue cucumbers from being basics…

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To this. With tamarindo…

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Or chamoy y cacahuates ?.

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Caramel apples? Who eats those?

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We have THIS.

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Our fruit salads are like freakin fireworks.

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Just when you thought french fries couldn’t get any better…

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We give you carne asada fries.

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It’s almost a Latino sin to eat chips the plain way.

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Or Hot Cheetos.

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And our hot dog game slays.


Even our salads turn to full-blown chamoy masterpieces.

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Others Netflix and chill, we have Redbox and raspados.

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Just when we were starting to get annoyed because people stole Margaritas from us, we served them this.

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Moms Are Sharing Videos Of How To Make Their Comida For Their College-Bound Kids After A Mom’s Burrito-Folding Video Went Viral


Moms Are Sharing Videos Of How To Make Their Comida For Their College-Bound Kids After A Mom’s Burrito-Folding Video Went Viral

Michelle Gonzaes / YouTube

Last week, California Polytechnic State University student, April Olvera posted a video sent to her by her mamá, and the video went viral, already wracking up nearly ten million views, and nearly one million likes in less than seven days.

Olvera, away at college, texted her mom, Silvia Dominguez, to say that she didn’t know how to fold a burrito, and her mom sent her a video that contained a soothing video-folding lesson.

While some couldn’t help but wonder why Olvera didn’t know how to fold a burro, her mamí’s special brand of cariño shown in the forty-second burrito-folding lesson was the focus of the comments that followed.

Other Latinas needed the lesson too!


Another Latina Twitter user, couldn’t get over the way Olvera’s mother, Silvia, repeated the lesson.


Two guys commented on Olvera’s mom’s soothing voice, but we think @carys_arsenic nailed it.


And this guy too who points out Ms. Dominguez’s calm in the face of a world that seems to be coming apart at the seams.


When Olvera told her mother that her video went viral and inspired so many positive comments, Dominguez said, “Maybe it’s not the burrito. Maybe it’s about family and love.”

Burrito-folding-lesson mom, Silvia Dominguez, speaks Spanish in the video, smiling the whole time, clearly happy to be able to help her daughter away at college with anything, using her own phone propped up on the counter to capture the lesson.

“Okay,” she says in Spanish, holding up a corn tortilla, “Imagine that this is my flour tortilla. Add what you’re going to use, fold it from this side, fold it from that side, and roll it. Did you see that?

And then she unrolls the burro and repeats the steps: It’s a circle. Fold it here, fold it here, and roll it. Nice! Okay, bye. I love you.”

We also like how Burrito-Folding-Lesson Mom is even helping grown-ass men.


And because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, here’s a video made by the author for her son on his way to college in the fall.

Watch the video below.

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McDonald’s Now Has Quarter Pounder Scented Candles That You Definitely Didn’t Ask For


McDonald’s Now Has Quarter Pounder Scented Candles That You Definitely Didn’t Ask For

Celin/ Pinterest

You know that friend whose car always smells like the food they ate the night before? You know the one, it’s the same friend who also has a collection of takeout Wendy’s, Taco Bell and McDonald bags shoved into the pocket of their backseats. Well now, you too can be that friend. Thanks to McDonald’s you can make literally anywhere smell like oily takeout.

McDonald’s announced this week that it will make a six-pack of scented candles that will smell like your favorite Quarter Pounder ingredients.

McDonald's six candles come in all the scents you'd expect.

Anyone familiar with the key ingredients in the beloved QP knows these scents include bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, beef, and ooh baby onions. In honor of the Quarter Pounder’s 50th birthday, McDonald’s is also releasing a line of merchandise that includes calendars, lockets, mittens, shirts, and pins.

Draw up a romantic bath for you and yours that smells like an oily stove and pickles by getting the items here on the McDonald’s fan club website.