Latinos Know How to Make Everything Last Longer

Everything has a prolonged life in a Latino household…EVERYTHING. No matter how old or broken something got, your parents were always able to fix, salvage, or reuse it just to make sure you don’t waste a damn thing.

If it’s a liquid, in a bottle, and running low…just add water.


We literally use every last drop of our toothpaste, even if it requires surgery.

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How else could our parents make sure that there was enough toothpaste in the house for everybody?

ALL leftovers go straight to the freezer because we don’t waste anything.

There is no car problem that can’t be fixed with Google and a weekend.

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No matter how old the car is, tío will make sure it runs for another decade.

Me: It makes a braquata sound when I hit the brakes.

Tío: Bueno, give me a week and it will run like new.

Foil has four steps before it can be thrown away.


Oh, and paper towels are no different.

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“After you wipe your face with that paper towel, rinse it out y deja que se seque. They are paper towels after all, mijo.” – Latino Dad Logic

Mami knows how to make your pants last till you graduate from college.

Unlike everyone else, our hand-me-downs last for generations.

Food doesn’t get old until it rots and molds.

And you have this soup at least three times a year.

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