Wave Your Latino Pride & American Flag This Fourth

Andrés Jiménez

Donald Trump’s remarks in mid-June calling Mexican immigrants criminals compelled Latinos to share stories about our beliefs, work ethic and pride. Because of Trumps’ insults, these seven Latinos are finding a deeper meaning to this Fourth of July.

Jose, 27 – The Veteran

Credit: Andrés Jiménez

“I’m a veteran, so to me [4th of July] is kind of personal in a way because I grew up here and America has given me a great life. I live a better life now than I probably would have if I lived in Mexico, so I’m happy my parents came here.”

Christian, 23 – The Success Story

Credit: Andrés Jiménez

“The United States gave my family a lot of opportunities to succeed in life. My parents didn’t come here to rape people. They didn’t come here to sell drugs. My dad has been working since he was 17. I’m happy to be an American.”

Lizbeth, 19 – The Hard Worker

Credit: Andrés Jiménez

“My parents are immigrants and it took them 15 years to get their papers and they’re not criminals. They actually worked hard to get to where they are right now. Coming here made them have a better life than what they had in their country. I’m proud to say my parents are citizens of the USA and I’m happy they got their papers so they can say they’re proud Americans as well.”

Luis, 21 – The Believer

Credit: Andrés Jiménez

“I have friends that are in the military and I’m proud of anybody who’s in they military because they’re sacrificing their lives for us and to keep this country great. I live in the best country in the world.”

Jason, 20 – The Scholar

Credit: Andrés Jiménez

“America has given me education. I’m proud of the opportunities in education America has given me. I’m proud I’m living here and I’m happy to be given these opportunities that other people are busting their asses off for doing labor work every day.”

Susan, 20 – The Patriot

Credit: Andrés Jiménez

“I’m proud to be American, but I’m also very proud to be Latina. We’re hard workers and whatever [Donald Trump] says, he’s pretty ignorant about it because he has no idea. I’m a proud Latina American.

Johnny, 21 – The Go-Getter

Credit: Andrés Jiménez

“I’m of Mexican [descent] and a proud American and I don’t consider myself a criminal. Many of my friends just graduated from UC Irvine, [UC] Merced and they’re not criminals. I’m most proud to be American because of the opportunities in education I’ve received.”

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The Fourth Of July Parade Was Drenched In Rain And Everyone Was Worried About Trump’s Hair

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The Fourth Of July Parade Was Drenched In Rain And Everyone Was Worried About Trump’s Hair


Donald Trump came under fire for politicizing the US Independence Day celebrations, after ordering a large military parade through the nation’s capital city and delivering a speech of his own at the Lincoln Memorial. The US president has toyed with the idea of a grand show of arms since observing the 2017 Bastille Day celebration in Paris.

Trump’s demand to include tanks and military jets in the July 4 festivities this year breaks with tradition in Washington, where hundreds of thousands of people typically gather for a night of patriotic songs and fireworks broadcast on national television.

Despite the controversy, Trump went forward with his military-style 4th of July celebration.

Credit: @newsweek / Twitter

On a rainy Independence Day at the Lincoln Memorial, Donald Trump emceed his “Salute to America.” As promised, his speech largely eschewed politics, and instead found the president, positioned behind rain-streaked panels of bulletproof glass, sharing tales from the nation’s military history, highlighting accomplished Americans, and presiding over a display of weapons of war.

“We celebrate our history, our people, and the heroes who proudly defend our flag—the brave men and women of the United States Military,” said the president near the opening of his remarks. He thanked the leaders of the “Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines—and very soon the Space Force.”

And although he stayed out of politics, Trump still managed to make the event one we won’t soon forget.

During his remarks, Trump also told the stories of notable Americans in attendance, including a man who participated in civil rights sit-ins during the 1960s, and an Army veteran Catholic nun who served as a first responder at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks.

Though supporters packed the mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial, early reports of a scramble to secure VIP attendees were further confirmed by The New York Times. The paper reported that though Trump requested the attendance of all of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, most were “on leave or travel” and did not make an appearance.

His administration has also kept secret the costs of this giant military 4th of July Celebration.

The Trump administration has been silent on the question of how much the display cost taxpayers, but The Washington Post reported that to fund the event, the National Park Service redirected close to $2.5 million for the ceremony. During the event, 24 military aircraft performed flyovers, at a cost the Post calculated to be at least $560,000 per hour. And according to The New York Times, the ceremony cost the Pentagon more than $1 million.

I mean it was so controversial that even the Russian news media came for Trump and his parade.

Credit: @JuliaDavisNews / Twitter

You know things are bad for Trump when his biggest foreign fans are knocking his performance.

But perhaps the biggest news from the event was that we found out that there were airports during the Revolutionary War.

Credit: @Vets4EU / Twitter

Trump also made a major historical blunder. In a portion of his speech that addressed the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, Trump said that “our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do.”

Trump’s gaffe made for some pretty great memes across social media.

Credit: @Mike63194845 / Twitter

But during those wars, of course, the invention of air travel was still decades away—and Trump’s gaffe spawned delighted mockery on social media.

Other’s imagined the possibility of what Trump’s hair might actually look like if it were to get wet…

Credit: @larsmcmurty / Twitter

I don’t think Trump has that much hair but get the point.

Trump also drew fire for a comment he made urging young Americans to join the military.

It seems pretty ironic for a man who complained about ‘bone spurs’ in his feet to skip military service during the Vietnam War to be asking young men and women to risk their lives.

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Two Kids Are In Critical Condition After A Shocking Road Rage Incident On The Fourth Of July

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Two Kids Are In Critical Condition After A Shocking Road Rage Incident On The Fourth Of July

NBC DFW / Twitter

A road rage shooting in Houston on the Fourth of July set a family pickup truck full of fireworks ablaze, leaving two parents and two young children hospitalized with extensive burns.

A family of four are severely injured after a violent road rage incident on the 4th of July.

Credit: @NBCDFW / Twitter

A family of four was injured in an apparent “road rage incident” in Houston Thursday night after a suspect fired a gun at their car, igniting the newly-bought fireworks inside, authorities said.

The children, a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old, sustained “severe burns” and had to be life flighted for their injuries, according to Deputy Tom Turner with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office violent crimes unit.

According to authorities, the incident started at a Houston gas station.

Credit: @CNN / Twitter

The incident began when the family’s father got into an argument on Thursday evening at a gas station with another man who pulled a gun on him, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department.

As the father drove away with his wife and two children, the man fired shots into the truck.

At least one of the bullets then struck the fireworks, setting off the explosives and engulfing the vehicle in flames.

The kids required helicopter flights from the scene.

Credit: @olivnelson / Twitter

Some “good Samaritans” stopped to help the family and took them to a nearby urgent care clinic.

The children were then life-flighted to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston with “severe burns,” the deputy said. The mother and father were also transported to a hospital.

The suspect is still on the run and police are asking for the community’s help.

The suspect, who fled the scene, was described by the victim as a mixed-race man in his 20s, Turner said. He was believed to be driving a light-colored, newer model Ford Expedition and he may have been with a woman and two other people.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

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