Here’s 12 Reasons Why You Keep the Sticker on Your Cap

The biggest reason for putting your #CapsOn – with sticker, natch – is MLB’s Opening Day. Visit MLB.com/CapsOn to prep your gear for game day.

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Because you don’t choose the sticker vida. The sticker vida chooses you.

1. For el steeeelo.

Credit: New Era Cap

Game is strong.

2. Keeping It 100.

girl with cubs hat
Credit: Stockholm-Streetstyle.com


3. Stickers = so fresh and so clean, clean.

‘A’ de auténtico… como debes ser! #caps #gorras #braves #atlanta #authentic #mlb #NewEraMX

A photo posted by New Era México (@neweramx) on

Credit: New Era México / Instagram

Ain’t nobody dope as you.

4. And authenticity is everything.

Credit: The Real PNWfitte / Instagram

Gotta let everyone know you don’t sport knockoffs from a pulgero.

5. Especially when repping your squad.

Pro feriadão fechamos um kit muito estiloso #ladodgers, e aí está aprovado galera? #neweranacabeça #NewEraBrasil #dodgers

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Los Doyers are comin’. Get that swag.

6. Hometown pride.

Credit: Twenty20

Not just your team. It’s your TOWN.

7. Bragging rights.

Credit: MLB.com

2015 World Series MVP Salvy Pérez loud and proud about it.

8. And, well, this might not be your jam.

Credit: Twenty20

But bless, so glad it’s somebody’s.

9. Taking chola style to a new level.

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10. Kids are taught early.

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11. DALE!

Credit: tangomunch_pibull / Instagram

Pitbull in on the game!

12. And, above all, because baseball season is here.

Credit: MLB.com


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Visit MLB.com/CapsOn to learn more about #CapsOn and Opening Day schedules. Post photos of yourselves in caps with #CapsOn on Monday, April 4, for the chance to win prizes from MLB.