Here’s 12 Reasons Why You Keep the Sticker on Your Cap

The biggest reason for putting your #CapsOn – with sticker, natch – is MLB’s Opening Day. Visit to prep your gear for game day.

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Because you don’t choose the sticker vida. The sticker vida chooses you.

1. For el steeeelo.

Credit: New Era Cap

Game is strong.

2. Keeping It 100.

girl with cubs hat


3. Stickers = so fresh and so clean, clean.

‘A’ de auténtico… como debes ser! #caps #gorras #braves #atlanta #authentic #mlb #NewEraMX

A photo posted by New Era México (@neweramx) on

Credit: New Era México / Instagram

Ain’t nobody dope as you.

4. And authenticity is everything.

Credit: The Real PNWfitte / Instagram

Gotta let everyone know you don’t sport knockoffs from a pulgero.

5. Especially when repping your squad.

Pro feriadão fechamos um kit muito estiloso #ladodgers, e aí está aprovado galera? #neweranacabeça #NewEraBrasil #dodgers

A photo posted by New Era Brasil no Instagram (@newerabrasil) on

Credit: New Era Brasil / Instagram

Los Doyers are comin’. Get that swag.

6. Hometown pride.

Credit: Twenty20

Not just your team. It’s your TOWN.

7. Bragging rights.


2015 World Series MVP Salvy Pérez loud and proud about it.

8. And, well, this might not be your jam.

Credit: Twenty20

But bless, so glad it’s somebody’s.

9. Taking chola style to a new level.

A photo posted by ? ? NeZa (@mss_neza_sj) on

Credit: mss_neza_sj / Instagram

10. Kids are taught early.

A photo posted by Becca (@brok87) on

Credit: brok87 / Instagram

11. DALE!

Credit: tangomunch_pibull / Instagram

Pitbull in on the game!

12. And, above all, because baseball season is here.



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Visit to learn more about #CapsOn and Opening Day schedules. Post photos of yourselves in caps with #CapsOn on Monday, April 4, for the chance to win prizes from MLB.

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