What Latinas Really want in Their Man

Relationship goals entail a ton of different things from being a fit couple to having the same taste in music, but Latino relationship goals are on a whole other level because our parents taught us to raise the bar. Here’s what our relationship goals look like…

He Knows to Bring Something for Mom When He Visits

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‘Cause he’s gotta win over la suegra.

And Brings Your Dad His Faves


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Tenga suegro, ‘pa ver el partido.

He Runs Out Whenever He Hears This…

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And buys you all three.

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He Doesn’t Wait for You in the Car


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Because he walks into your place so you don’t walk out alone.

He Walks on the Right Side of the Street

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Momma raised him right. He knows better than to let you expose yourself to danger that way.

He Pays for Your Extra Serving of Guac


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He Knows How to Order Your Tacos

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And you don’t even have to ask for the piña.

He Watches Back-to-Back-to-Back OITNB Episodes

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…And doesn’t complain.

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He Knows How to Keep Things Spicy

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He Prepares Your Favorite Snacks


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He Looks Damn Good Cooking Breakfast


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Because you know you don’t cook.

And He Does the Dishes


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He’s Got Mooooooves

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And you know what they say about a man who can dance…

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