Latino Relationship Goals vs. Reality

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It’s a sad reality.

Expectation: You have a fancy night on the town.

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Reality: You make a pitstop at Leo’s Taco Truck. Really though, could a five-star meal beat that al pastor?

Expectation: You have a romantic night watching novelas.

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Reality: You fall asleep while he watches his favorite futból team.

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Expectation: You totally get each other all the time.

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Reality: He doesn’t get Instagram, therefore he doesn’t get you.

Expectation: He proposes on your anniversary!

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Reality: He doesn’t know what day it is.

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Expectation: You take a romantic getaway.

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Reality: You end up just sleeping at his mom’s for the weekend. “¡Mira, staycations son populares!”

Expectation: You talk out all your issues.

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Reality: You accidentally-on-purpose threw a book at him (which he obviously deserved).

Expectation: You go jogging together every morning.

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Reality: Occasionally you run…after the elotero. “¡Esperate!

Expectation: You diet as a couple.


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Reality: Chipotle burritos. Again. (On the upside, having kale as a common enemy has really brought you closer).

Expectation: You go to a party and burn up the dance floor, stunning all with your mad skills!

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Reality: You skip the party and dance tipsy alone in your apartment. Way more fun, anyway!

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