These #LatinasAreNot Tweets Slays Stereotypes Perfectly

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We’ve heard stereotypes our entire lives, finally #LatinasAreNot is telling it how it is; what we Latinas are, and what we’re not.

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This hashtag is what Latinas needed, thank you Huffington Post.

We know you know we’re not all maids and babysitters.

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It’s more like we’re on our way to rule the world.

And we don’t all have the same taste.

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Like Yvonne 🙂

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 We’re diverse, beautiful people.

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And come from so many different places.

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We shouldn’t be defined by how well we speak Spanish.

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Because most of us are bilingual. That’s one language more than most speak.

So don’t ask us this…

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You want to learn Spanish? Take a class. Buy Rosetta Stone. Hell, use Google Translate.

You see Soraya on TV, but we’re not all like her.

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We sometimes hide it, but we’re softies, too.

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We’re  definitely not like Gloria either.

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In character or in physical form.

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Tell ’em, Jade.

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One word everyone needs to get out of their vocab when describing Latinas is exotic.

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It takes us 0 to ? quicker than Drake.

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Cristina’s mom knows what’s up.

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Because we’re not some kind of wild bird.

These words aren’t the best either.

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What exactly does that mean anyway?

Also, stop calling us mami.

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If we’re with you, that would make it like incest. Eww.

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 We cook just as much as the next person.

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Hungry? Cook your own damn pollo.

And that doesn’t determine when we should marry.

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But one thing we are ready to do is make our voice count.

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What’s your #LatinasAreNot? Let us know in the comments below and click the share button below to let your friends know what stereotypes you’re tired of hearing. 

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