Proof that @latinaprobs Understands Your Struggle More than Anyone Else

Latina problems are the worst, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. @LatinaProbs is where you can commiserate with other Latinas on everything from things that drive you nuts about your tía, tíos, abuelas, abuelos, primos and the telenovela that is your love life.

They understand matters of the heart.

But Diana cannot be trusted!

They know la familia can be a little too much.

There are soooo many people.

Seriously, mami gives no f*cks how old you are.

And they know Latino time runs on a different schedule.

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They know you have to pick your words carefully.

Mom: Ten, para que tengas algo que hacer.

Me: -__-

They also know Latina anatomy.

Lie on the bed. Suck it in. Pray!

They love those who love them…

They’re quick to shut down their haters.

They know dad can fix anything and everything.

Tell Fernando your Tío Armando sent you. He’ll take care of it.

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They are building a community.

They embrace all Latinas because Latinas come in different, equally beautiful forms.

What Latina problems do you deal with? mitú wants to know. Tell us in the comments below!

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