This Popular YouTuber Defends Her Latina-ness


“Embrace who you are and don’t feel like someone is going to attack you for it.”

Who knew talking about your background could piss off so many people? Surely not MonicaStyle Muse, a YouTube blogger. She took a break from her typical topics — style, shopping, makeup — to have a little fun with the popular Latina Tag and answer questions like, “Where are you from?” Dominican. “What’s your favorite Merengue Singer?” Tulileeeee. “Do you speak Spanish?” Claro que sí.  “What’s your favorite Dominican dish?” Platanos con salami!

In the video, you can see the dark beauty answering all these questions with pride. She even sings and shakes it to merengue and bachata!

But not everyone was a fan of her answers. She received a lot of comments questioning her Latinaness because of the color of her skin. So, she answered with the following:

Her reply was filled with pride and the support from her fans starting rolling in. You go girl!

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