Latina, Proud Feminist, Civil Engineer And Looks Good In A Hard Hat…Take That Boys

For Patricia Valoy, feminism comes naturally.

She’s a 29-year-old Dominican who worked hard for her Columbia University education and her career as a civil engineer. She was raised by her mother, Rayna, who left her abusive husband with her three daughters and found herself a job as a caretaker to make a living.

“She lived it,” Patricia said of her mother’s feminism. “She didn’t talk about it or wear a T-shirt.”

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And that’s exactly what Patricia is doing. She knows she’s in a male-dominated field and in order to prove herself, she works harder and makes herself be heard in a room full of men. That means, instead of eventually becoming a feminist activist, she’s going to stay in her field and beat the odds, unlike many women who leave mid-career.

And while she’s at it, she’s determined to make a change, starting by changing all the signs that read “Men Only,” “Men Working,” “Train Men” and “Crewmen Lockers.”  She explains: “They could all be unisex.”

Go get ‘em girl!

Read more about Patricia’s story and how her entire family is beating the odds from The Washington Post here.

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