Gay Twitter Was Talking About More Than Kevin Hart Last Week

Anytime people get together in good spirits, hilarity usually ensues. Anytime people get together on social media, hilarity, drama, controversy and a slew of other things are guaranteed to follow, especially on Twitter. One of the most hilarious things about that is when you have a group of people who are unabashedly themselves. So much so that whatever they feel, and whatever they decide to post online is permitted and nothing is forbidden. Whether that be the Kevin Hart/Oscar’s controversy or some nude mannequins, all things are up for discussion in the most colorful way possible. This kind of honesty and openness is a wonderful thing, as long as no one gets hurt, of course. Last week, #gaytwitter was hysterical in the best possible way.


Twitter @meakoopa

For some time now, people in our society have been permitted to say whatever they want regardless of whom it harms. Comedian Kevin Hart was been called out for uncouth jokes he’s made over the years. He has been stepped down from hosting the Oscars and justice hath been served. And this is how we got here.

No, Sharon!

Twitter @Asquared1234

Everyone knows that person who just has to ask how a gay couple met. Everyone also knows that Grindr is a thing. So… just stop asking already.

This Should Be a Song Lyric

Twitter @85Halcyon

Someone, anyone, please turn this tweet into a song lyric and compose a beautiful ballad about this girl’s girlfriend’s hat. It rhymes, it’s cadence is great, and it needs to be shared with the world stat!

Father and Son

Twitter @MeMyselfandMyke

The love between this man and his father is something that doesn’t always happen when some come out. The love and support and hilarious banter between these two is gold.

Furry Fever

Twitter @SteffiJarnefelt

So furries are a thing this year. Don’t worry just wait for it, it’ll happen.

He’s Fabulous!

 Twitter @instinctmag

This is the single most perfect example of body positivity that it hurts. This gorgeous man changed his entire image and he is the most spectacularly beautiful bear this week. That beard tho!

Daddy or Nah

Twitter @damno_0

So, discussing things is something people do, and someone had to ask what we like to talk about. While there are many worthy topics, only one can be called DADDY!

Le Social Media GayDar

Twitter @no1heartfan

So apparently someone has figured how to find out if someone is gay based on social media. While this isn’t necessarily rocket-science or even a science at all, it can help save millions of members of the LGBTQ community a whole lot of time and battery life on their phones.

Something Sweet is in the Cauldron this Holiday Season

Twitter @fuckpidgeons

While you’re sitting across from your family this holiday, the perfect thing to throw everyone for a loop is right here. This little bit of magical wonder will leave many in awe and bewilderment. If it did not exist before now, it totally should from henceforward. Be warned, some may take offense. 

Daddies, Daddies Everywhere

Twitter @cunnnilingus

So, when you’re alone at night and you can’t get the idea of a Daddy out of your head, what do you do? What else is one to do, other than fap fap fap the night away.

Respect That

Twitter @TransGalicorn

The exchange between these two friends is priceless. It is truly a sign that friendship is magic.

The F Word

Twitter @Timmycaunce

As a part of a public service, #gaytwitter is hosting a debate this Holiday. Is it appropriate to use certain words in music if the context is acceptable?  #gaytwitter has the answers for you.

Let’s Play Pretend

Twitter @TheNarcisistas

While it isn’t the best thing one can do, sometimes you must play your part to get anywhere in life. Sometimes you cannot tell everyone what you really feel. Whether that be out of fear or simply not wanting to change things. Other times you just hope for that small chance that he’s gay or bi or bicurious too and he will give you the D.

Planning Ahead

Twitter @Juiceandvodka_

Considering that society retirement is something that everyone seems to think about, this dude is skipping way ahead to the proverbial epilogue of his later years. While stripping is typically a young person’s game, no one ever said anything about doing it in the afterlife. He plans to provide entertainment in hell. Not a bad plan.


Twitter @TenCaratHill

So have you ever needed to just get it in… or in you? Yeah, that urge can drive you insane. You almost feel like you’re going through withdrawal symptoms. Some days you just gotta have the d.

The Great Tumblr Migration

Twitter @moleculargay

Since Tumblr practically shut down, the gay community on Twitter has gotten much bigger and some really know how to make an entrance. Let’s just say some people will be noticed when they walk into a bar, that bar being Twitter.

Stand Out

Twitter @JimmyWhetzel

Look, hun, don’t let them chiseled jawlines make you feel self-conscious. They ain’t got nothin’ on you. It’s far more likely with that smile, they’re all watching your tush wiggling in them jeans. Even if they ain’t, you can still go home play Smash Bros. and create the gangbang of your dreams.

The Struggle is Real

Twitter @LaMickiMinjaj

When you’re a young gay man starting out in the world, post high school, clothes can get really pricey and what you’ve been wearing for the past few years doesn’t seem to cut it. That’s depressing. Start accessorizing honey. 

It Just Got Really Real

Twitter @BlackGayTweetz

If you choose sides on the internet, especially in a community as seemingly small as #gaytwitter, people pay attention and call you on your crap. Whoever it was that incurred the wrath of BlkGayTweets, may some heavenly presence help this poor unfortunate soul.

The King Hath Cometh and He’s Blue… and Black

Twitter @ActualHumanWill

Last weekend was The Game Awards. This is a huge annual event for many in the nerd spectrum. This particular award show, someone huge received the E-sports Player of the Year Award. Clad in his signature Blue Fox suit, Sonic Fox a self-proclaimed announced that he is a furry and gay man in as proud and nervous of a fashion as he could. He is a shining example of the LGBTQ community.

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