Las Mañanitas is the Most Majestic Celebration We Went to As Kids

If you’re Mexican and/or Catholic, you remember all of this…

Waking up super early…like 5 a.m. early.

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We dressed up in bright colors.

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And the little ones arrived to the party in beautiful embroidered pieces.

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Some tried to get away with showing up in their PJs. Not happenin.

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The setup was fit for a queen.

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As they say, a beauty clothed by the sun and crowned by the stars.

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There were always roses on roses on roses.

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Every girl’s dream ?????.

The highlight was probably watching her get serenaded by beautiful mariachi music.

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So much passion.

And who can forget the Aztec dancers and the smell of incense that filled the church?

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This was probably the only time you saw them perform.

So beautiful.

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Some also sang to La Morenita from home with their private mariachis…


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Or grupos norteños.

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It’s not a party without food. Pan dulce y chocolate caliente were always served after misa.

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Heaven ?.

All for the queen ??✨.

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