Las Mañanitas is the Most Majestic Celebration We Went to As Kids

If you’re Mexican and/or Catholic, you remember all of this…

Waking up super early…like 5 a.m. early.

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We dressed up in bright colors.

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And the little ones arrived to the party in beautiful embroidered pieces.

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Some tried to get away with showing up in their PJs. Not happenin.

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The setup was fit for a queen.

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As they say, a beauty clothed by the sun and crowned by the stars.

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There were always roses on roses on roses.

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Every girl’s dream ?????.

The highlight was probably watching her get serenaded by beautiful mariachi music.

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So much passion.

And who can forget the Aztec dancers and the smell of incense that filled the church?

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This was probably the only time you saw them perform.

So beautiful.

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Some also sang to La Morenita from home with their private mariachis…


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Or grupos norteños.

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It’s not a party without food. Pan dulce y chocolate caliente were always served after misa.

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Heaven ?.

All for the queen ??✨.

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It's the Holiday Season which Means Eating Too Much and Cramming Your Massive Latino Family Under One Roof


It’s the Holiday Season which Means Eating Too Much and Cramming Your Massive Latino Family Under One Roof

Credit: @evalongoria / Instagram

Christmas time is practically here and there is NOTHING you can do at this point other than brace for impact because before you know it, your house is going to look like a music festival and your personal space is going to be GONE.

You have to help mami prep food for the week for 476 of you closest friends, families, and strangers.

By strangers we mean family members you never met, but they swear they know you.

Credit: Glee / FOX / thewaysitusedt0be / Tumblr

I know you say you took care of me when I was 3 but saying it 700 times doesn’t mean I am suddenly going to remember!

Cleaning for days so the house looks better than it has all year.

Credit: pencer / Reddit

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But it doesn’t matter how much you clean because your cousins do this in one hour:

And just like that your whole holiday break is ruined…

Eventually, someone snaps and the whole family gets their MMA on.

Credit: GallowBoob / Reddit

It isn’t Christmas if the family isn’t fighting, am I right?

Dad plans a cheesy roadtrip which means you all have to cram for a 16 hours.

It’s fun for the first thirty minutes. After that the whole things falls to hell and before you know it, someone is crying or upset or passing gas…

You get interrogated.

Credit: mitú

Seriously, if one more tía asks me if I have a boyfriend, I am going to lose it.

Having to be nice to your judgmental tía when all you want to say is…

Credit: oneonlytrulove / Tumblr

The only reason you don’t is because your mom asked you to just “ignore her rude ass comments.”

This is you while your abuela is tearing up the dance floor (living room) at 4 a.m.

Credit: Disney / Cinderella / disney / Tumblr

Like, seriously. Please let me get some sleep or everyone is going to be miserable tomorrow.

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You have to create a schedule just so everybody has a chance to use the damn bathroom.

Credit: gifsboom / Tumblr

So first it’s Javier, then Jorge, then Véronica, and finally Lupita…that should cover the early morning shift.

Your diet goes to waste because abuelita keeps feeding you one tamal after another.

12247115_1518354738464963_7617911158528964695_nCredit: mitú

All I remember is abuelita setting down the plate of tamales and the rest is a blur…

But the worst part of the holiday season is an empty house after everyone leaves.

I remember when people used to celebrate here. Now it is lonely and quiet. How I miss those days.

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