These Latina Catcalls Will Make You Cringe – And You’ve Probably Heard at Least Three


Guys, we appreciate you trying, we really do. But these come-ons or cheesy pickup lines based on some old stereotype ain’t getting you anything but an *EYEROLL* and a wave goodbye, OK? So ditch these tired lines:

1. “I’ve always wanted to learn Español.”

Latina Come Ons

Cool, there’s an app for that.

2. Touches you with one finger and says: “Ouch! So Latinas ARE muy caliente!”

Latina Come Ons

Touch me one more time and you’ll see what I’m really made of.

3. “I’m going to call you, piñata, because I’d love to hit that.”

Latina Come Ons

And what does that make you? The recycled broom stick?

4. “Say something sexy in Spanish.”

Latina Come Ons

Cállate la boca.

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5. “Latina? Damn, so exotic!”

Latina Come Ons

Exotic? What am I? A bird?

6. “What are you? Mexican? South American?”

Latina Come Ons

Not interested.

7. “I’ve never hooked up with a Hispanic girl before. It’s on my bucket list.”

Latina Come Ons

Looks like it’s not getting checked off anytime soon.

8. “I like my girls like I like my salsa … HAWT!”

Latina Come Ons

You’re cornier than a tortilla chip.

9. “Yo, Spanish girls are my favorite!”

Latina Come Ons

Cooool, but I’m not from Spain.

10. “I’d cross borders for you.”

Latina Come Ons

K, go in the opposite direction and cross THAT border, thx.

11. “Are you a bottle of Tabasco sauce? Because I’d like to loosen your top.”

Latina Come Ons


12. “Don’t Latinas love having babies?”

Latina Come Ons

Does everyone else hate having babies?

13. “Your accent is so sexy! Where are you from?”

Latina Come Ons


14. “Hey, you speak Mexican, right?”

Latina Come Ons

You must speak American like Sarah Palin.

15. “I always wanted my very own J.Lo.”

Latina Come Ons


What’s the lamest catcall you’ve heard? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to like our Facebook page to see more stories like this in your feed. 

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