These Latina Catcalls Will Make You Cringe – And You’ve Probably Heard at Least Three

Guys, we appreciate you trying, we really do. But these come-ons or cheesy pickup lines based on some old stereotype ain’t getting you anything but an *EYEROLL* and a wave goodbye, OK? So ditch these tired lines:

1. “I’ve always wanted to learn Español.”

2. Touches you with one finger and says: “Ouch! So Latinas ARE muy caliente!”

3. “I’m going to call you, piñata, because I’d love to hit that.”

4. “Say something sexy in Spanish.”

5. “Latina? Damn, so exotic!”

6. “What are you? Mexican? South American?”

7. “I’ve never hooked up with a Hispanic girl before. It’s on my bucket list.”

8. “I like my girls like I like my salsa … HAWT!”

9. “Yo, Spanish girls are my favorite!”

10. “I’d cross borders for you.”

11. “Are you a bottle of Tabasco sauce? Because I’d like to loosen your top.”

12. “Don’t Latinas love having babies?”

13. “Your accent is so sexy! Where are you from?”

14. “Hey, you speak Mexican, right?”

15. “I always wanted my very own J.Lo.”

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