Lady Gaga Singing To These Orphans In Mexico Will Show A Side Of Her We’ve Never Seen

Lady Gaga spent her weekend in Cabo San Lucas – not to hang by the pool and party, but to stop by the Casa Hogar all-boys orphanage.

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The singer surprised each child with backpacks full of goodies and scholastics, and a super healthy dinner. The orphanage strives to “offer a special and happy boys home set in a camp-like environment providing physical and emotional care.”

During her time there, her new friends taught her how to skateboard…

And she mentored budding musicians.

??what an awesome day with some truly awesome kids

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They shared lots of hugs.

That little guy’s smile says it all ♥️.

And of course, she serenaded them with an a cappella version of her super empowering song, “Born This Way.”

Afterwards, she strolled the streets of Cabo San Lucas wearing her matching backpack and sent the boys an Insta-love note.

Already miss the boys at Casa Hogar. Wore my shwag out on the town. mis amores. ❤️???⚽️??

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This was one in a series of kind-hearted gestures by the six-time Grammy Award winner, who recently met with the Dalai Lama and broke down at a vigil in Los Angeles following the Orlando shooting.

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One Of Beyoncé’s Most Recent Videos Gives A Secret Nod To Mexico


One Of Beyoncé’s Most Recent Videos Gives A Secret Nod To Mexico


Image Source: @beyonce/Facebook

Beyoncé’s team drove to Mexico for the perfect hat.

Beyoncé has the world at her fingertips. Literally any designer in the would would die to create custom costumes for Queen Bey. While she’s rocked dresses created by Balmain, Versace and other elites, she also looked to Mexican vendors to get something a little more… authentic.

In her Formation World Tour, Beyoncé is bringin’ sombreros back. The “Sorry” singer wanted a fierce hat, so they looked to Mexico.

“Nowhere in the world do they make these hats. This hat maker literally drove to Mexico to buy sombreros,” said Bey’s costume designer Marni Senofonte.

We have to say, her looks slay.

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