Kylie Pissed Off Latinos Again

Kylie Jenner visited Universal Studios in Orlando and made an interesting wardrobe choice.

Credit: @kyliejenner / Instagram

She wore an ‘I miss you’ Selena Quintanilla shirt.

Credit: @kyliejenner / Instagram



Credit: @selenaquintanilla_daily / Instagram

Out of all the shirt she has in her 7658 sq ft closet, this is what she chose.

She must’ve been confused.


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She can’t possibly miss Selena, she wasn’t even born yet.

People were so damn offended she’d rep anything Selena.

Credit: @asshhhleeyyy / Twitter

And ready to roll up their sleeves.

Credit: @erasershead / Twitter

Because… ?


Credit: @valeriedylan / Twitter

Selena Cuanta-knee-yah?

She has absolutely no right.


Credit: @hi_im_moyqui / Twitter


Wearing a Selena shirt isn’t a privilege she hasn’t earned.

Credit: @neztiny / Twitter

And there’s this rule that non-Latinos can’t wear Latino T-shirts.


Credit: @mamabear_v / Twitter

And all Kylie would do is ruin queen Selena’s image.

Credit: @shand__bby / Twitter

Or would she make her trend again?

Credit: @nalisaaa / Twitter

Other girls would probably be like who is this Selena chick?

Jokes aside, why is everyone so mad?

Credit: @trsitinc1 / Twitter

If anything, a million 13 years olds will fall in love with Selena like we did 🙂

Credit: @haikimberly / Twitter

Because queeeeeeeeen ?.

Credit: amusedbyyyou / Tumblr

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