Just Check These Insane Cakes If You Doubt Latinos Go Big On Birthdays

Celebrate responsibly, Captain’s orders!

Because it’s no surprise that Latinos do it bigger than anyone, you can bet that extends into celebratory baked goods. Whether it’s dulce de leche, classic chocolate, or a specialty flan cake, there’s nothing better than celebrating with your close friends, drinking some Captain Morgan rum, and blowing out those candles.

1. This Lechon Cake Surrounded By Tiny Little Lechonito Cakes


If you’re realllly into lechon, this would do. Looks harder than actually barbecuing a whole pig, so this cake must mean love.

2. This Churro Cake


Ay dios mio. A churro cake is very much what dreams are made of. This looks insane, and delicious, and now I won’t be able to function as a human being until I’ve had it.

3. This Guayabera Shirt Birthday Cake


Perhaps this is the most perfect cake for your tio or papi – it’s so spot on it hurts. Now you have an insane idea for your next Fathers Day celebration. You’re welcome.

4. This Norteño cake con acordeón.


It won’t play your favorite corridos, and it’s missing the bajo sexto, but this cake is definitely your norteño jam.

5. This Salsa Shoe Birthday Cake


Who hasn’t dreamed of digging into a shoe cake? And a specifically salsa-themed shoe cake? I don’t see how cutting into this would go smoothly. How would everyone get an even share?! It’s too stressful, but sure is awesome to look at.

6. This Puerto Rican Themed Birthday Cake


This. Is. Awesome. The dominos add a truly boricua feel, and of course, the Puerto Rican flag. When you’ve got pride for your roots, why not have an entire birthday cake dedicated to it?!

7. This Salsa Dress Birthday Cake


If the salsa shoe wasn’t enough for you, why not have a salsa dancer themed birthday cake? This thing is beautiful, but intense. Also really, really tall.

8. This Domino Birthday Cake


If you grew up with your abuelo and his friends playing dominos every Sunday afternoon, this cake hits you hard with nostalgia. Plus, those dominoes look realistic AF.

At the end of the day, it’s your birthday, and you’ll celebrate it how you want to—over-the-top cake and all!

Celebrate responsibly, Captain’s orders!

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