Jorge Ramos Got The Weirdest Letter From Donald Trump

Jorge Ramos put Donald Trump all over front street last night during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. While covering the convention, Ramos revealed that he had received a letter in the mail from Donald Trump. Now, Trump didn’t send the letter to Ramos’ place of business. No. Instead, the Republican nominee for president sent the letter directly to Ramos’ home. Good thing dude isn’t a stalker, right?

Jorge Ramos teased us with a photo of a “personal” letter Donald Trump sent him… to his home.

Sending mail to a reporter at their place of work is one thing, but to track down their home address to send them “personal” letters is disturbing af.

At first, Ramos was hoping that Trump had finally responded to a request for an interview from last year.

Credit: Blue’s Clues / Nick Jr. / zaykessel13 / Reddit

Last year, Trump responded to an interview request by posting Ramos’ cell phone number on Instagram.

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Instagram

The post has since been deleted because, well, who really knows?

Knowing that Trump had published his cell phone number online, it makes sense that Ramos would be a little wary of the “personal” letter.

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Seriously, what would stop him from publishing his home address for the world to see?

So, last night, after so much anticipation, Ramos revealed what was in the letter. Want to see?

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A damn bumper sticker and donation form! #StayClassy

Credit: Fusion / YouTube

Here’s a photo of both the bumper sticker and donation form.

So, will Ramos actually donate to sweeten the interview request? LOL, nah!

Credit: Fusion / YouTube

It takes some major huevos to try and pull something like that.

Watch the full letter reveal below!

Credit: Fusion / YouTube

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