J.Lo Wants To Give America’s Greatest Dancers $1 Million…But There’s A Catch

Now is your chance to show J.Lo what you got.

If you ever wanted a chance to dance for Jennifer Lopez, the time is now. J.Lo has partnered up with NBC and World Of Dance to bring America its next dance show competition. That’s right! J.Lo is going to be reconnecting with her fly girl roots to give dancers from across that country a chance to compete for $1 million.

Credit: 20th Century Fox Television / ccepoe / YouTube

As Lopez says in the video, she has always loved dance because it is emotional, raw and healing. That is why she knew that when World Of Dance and NBC wanted to do a dance competition show, she just had to get involved. Or was it NBC who knew they needed a Latina to run the show? Either way, we are all so excited to see what comes of J.Lo’s newest endeavor. Like, does this woman ever sleep? According the the Puerto Rican superstar, the show is open to all ages and all forms of dance.

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