J.Lo Wants To Give America’s Greatest Dancers $1 Million…But There’s A Catch

Now is your chance to show J.Lo what you got.

If you ever wanted a chance to dance for Jennifer Lopez, the time is now. J.Lo has partnered up with NBC and World Of Dance to bring America its next dance show competition. That’s right! J.Lo is going to be reconnecting with her fly girl roots to give dancers from across that country a chance to compete for $1 million.

Credit: 20th Century Fox Television / ccepoe / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: 20th Century Fox Television / ccepoe / YouTube

As Lopez says in the video, she has always loved dance because it is emotional, raw and healing. That is why she knew that when World Of Dance and NBC wanted to do a dance competition show, she just had to get involved. Or was it NBC who knew they needed a Latina to run the show? Either way, we are all so excited to see what comes of J.Lo’s newest endeavor. Like, does this woman ever sleep? According the the Puerto Rican superstar, the show is open to all ages and all forms of dance.

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Misconceptions Everyone (And Their Mami) Has About Colombian Chicas


Misconceptions Everyone (And Their Mami) Has About Colombian Chicas


As if it wasn’t enough having to deal with the cocaine-addict stereotype that haunts every Colombian, there are some specific misconceptions that particularly affect us Colombian chicas. Which of these are you guilty of thinking, and you now. Can you not?

1. That we’re all operadas.


Sure, Colombia has some of the top plastic surgeons in all of Latin America. Your point? Some Colombians do have plastic surgery, some don’t — just like everyone else!

2. That we’re all wanna-be-Shakis!


Just because Shakira and Juanes are super famous doesn’t mean every colombiana likes them. We listen to all kinds of music!

3. That we’re “sluts.”


Gender shame much?! Look, there’s nothing wrong with sleeping with whomever you want as long as you’re both consenting adults, but let’s not pretend like colombianas or Latinas in general do it MORE than anyone else. We just have to deal with different cultural expectations about it! Colombians are NOT big flirts; we just like being nice to people. Try it sometime.

4. We all sound like we could star in “El Cartel.”


Netflix’s got everyone hooked on Pablo Escobar’s story. Good for them. But it doesn’t represent all Colombians, and definitely not all colombianas, and that includes the accents on the show. Like any other place, we have a whole variety of accents!

5. That we don’t leave the house without plastering our faces with makeup first.


There’s nothing wrong with makeup, of course, but we don’t ALL wear it. Shakira, Lili Saumet and Goyo are clear examples of beauties who don’t wear a whole lot of it. Don’t hate Colombians just because we’re bellas. 😉

6. That we’re all gold diggers.


Money is not the only thing that matters. Besides, colombianas are hardworking and independent, so we can make our own money, thankyouverymuch.

7. That we’re all “gasolineras.”


Who doesn’t appreciate a super fly car? That doesn’t mean Colombians would look down at you for not driving the latest model. Having preconceived ideas about her, on the other hand…

8. That we’re all party beasts.


Let’s set the record straight: Many Colombians are great dancers and enjoy spending time with their loves ones, true. But we also have businesses to run, families to tend to and a world to take over. None has time to just party.

9. That we’re all sex machines.


Get your a** off that porn fantasy horse, de inmediato. Colombian women are diverse. Sure, some colombianas appreciate sex more than others, just like anyone else. But you know what they definitely don’t appreciate? Being perceived as sexual objects.

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What other stereotypes about colombianas are you sick and tired of hearing? Let’s vent.

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