9 J.Lo Songs That Perfectly Narrate 9 Situations

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If it were up to me, my life would come with background music. I’d want a song to complement every moment of my day — the good, the bad and the muy, muy feo. On top of that, every tune has to be a J.Lo one. Why? Because she’s a badass who slays everything. So, check out the soundtrack to my life compiled entirely of Jennifer Lopez songs. Get ready to laugh, cry and, of course, dance.

Primer Amor: “If You Had My Love”


I know, I know, first-love songs are usually all sweet and romantic. But if there’s one thing I learned from J.Lo, it’s that even at your most vulnerable of moments, you need to let him know WHAT’S UP.

First Breakup: “Qué Hiciste”


We’ve all been there. The sadness, the endless cases of Ben & Jerry’s, the serious crying sessions with mami (as she feeds you pounds of good ol’ comfort food like enchiladas and chile rellenos). Jennifer understands.

When You’re Trying To Get Over Him But He’s Playing Nice: “No Me Ames”

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Ugh! Just when you thought you were getting over him, he surprises you with sweet gestures. How are you supposed to move on this way?! J.Lo is probably the only one that gets you when you say don’t love me.

When You Land Your Dream Job: “Jenny From The Block”


You KNOW this moment. When you get the call that you landed your dream gig and you feel like you’re literally la reina del mundo. But, a true queen always holds on to her roots… even if they’re not from the Bronx.

When You Finally Feel Like A Grown-Ass Woman: “I’m Real”


Everyone has that moment when you actually feel like you’re adulting for reals. This moment could be triggered by anything: cooking your first meal, making your first adult purchase (like a couch or vacuum), doing your taxes on time, etc. So, blast this canción and get on with your grown-up self.

When You’re Out With The Girls & Feeling Fly AF: “On The Floor”


I don’t know if it’s the alcohol, the música, or the fierce outfit, but there are some nights when you are straight FEELING yourself.

When You’re Crushing On That Mysterious Vecino: “Papi”


Somehow, I always manage to turn even the smallest crushes into a full-blown music video in my mind. So of course that guy two apartments down (or the barista at Starbucks) automatically becomes my mysterious future husband who will soon realize I’m his soulmate after he’s done dating all the wrong women.

When Your Night-In Turns Into A Solo Dance Party: “Let’s Get Loud”


If you’re like me, you reach a point in your life when staying in is just as (if not more) important as getting lit with your girlfriends. I like to call these hibernation sessions my “abuelita nights.” And while it may be intended to relax and knock out early, once wine is involved, I might as well be at the club shaking it on the bar. And nothing gets me turned up in my PJs like this J.Lo number.

When You’re Jus Not Having It: “Ain’t Your Mama”

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‘Cause there are some days when even someone’s breathing makes you want to throw a shoe at them. Take comfort in the fact that J.Lo’s been there, too.

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Texas Is Becoming More Latino, So White Conservatives Are Making Sure They Don't Vote


Texas Is Becoming More Latino, So White Conservatives Are Making Sure They Don’t Vote

This is how those in power stay in power.

Texas, a state whose origin story is pretty much white supremacy fan fiction, will likely become majority Latino (read: Mexican-American) by 2020. That’s one presidential election away. That means that given the Latino community’s penchant for voting Democrat, Texas is as few as four years away from becoming a swing state. Let that fact sink in. I’ll wait.

That’s the upside. The bad news? Instead of adapting to the inevitable browning of Tejas (Oh, didn’t you hear? We agreed at the last Latino meeting to go back to the OG name), Republican politicians are doing everything in their power to prevent us from voting. That includes whack voter ID laws that have repeatedly been struck down because lol the U.S. Constitution. But despite justice getting in the way, Republicans have still been successful in making it really hard for Latinos and other minorities to register to vote. Proof: the video above from Vice. The news organization went down to Houston, Texas, to speak to Daniel Ybarra, an organizer trying to get as many Latinos registered. Spoiler alert: the state makes his job very difficult.

Unfortunately for the Tejanos among you, it’s too late to register to vote if you haven’t done so already (the deadline was October 11). But for those of you living elsewhere, you might still have time. New Yorkers (October 14), Floridians (October 18), and Californians (October 24), get registered. Your vote does matter.

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