9 J.Lo Songs That Perfectly Narrate 9 Situations

If it were up to me, my life would come with background music. I’d want a song to complement every moment of my day — the good, the bad and the muy, muy feo. On top of that, every tune has to be a J.Lo one. Why? Because she’s a badass who slays everything. So, check out the soundtrack to my life compiled entirely of Jennifer Lopez songs. Get ready to laugh, cry and, of course, dance.

Primer Amor: “If You Had My Love”

First Breakup: “Qué Hiciste”

When You’re Trying To Get Over Him But He’s Playing Nice: “No Me Ames”

Credit: American Idol / Fox

Ugh! Just when you thought you were getting over him, he surprises you with sweet gestures. How are you supposed to move on this way?! J.Lo is probably the only one that gets you when you say don’t love me.

When You Land Your Dream Job: “Jenny From The Block”

When You Finally Feel Like A Grown-Ass Woman: “I’m Real”

When You’re Out With The Girls & Feeling Fly AF: “On The Floor”

When You’re Crushing On That Mysterious Vecino: “Papi”

When Your Night-In Turns Into A Solo Dance Party: “Let’s Get Loud”

When You’re Jus Not Having It: “Ain’t Your Mama”

Credit: Giphy/YouTube/Jennifer Lopez VEVO

‘Cause there are some days when even someone’s breathing makes you want to throw a shoe at them. Take comfort in the fact that J.Lo’s been there, too.

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