J.Lo Pissed Off Twitter With One Ill-Timed Hashtag

J.Lo really put her foot in her mouth in it this week with one poorly planned tweet. When promoting her new song “Love Make The World Go Round” for the Orlando victims, the Boricua singer included #AllLivesMatter in her tweet. But instead of having the effect she was hoping for, the Twittersphere came out to drag the hell out of her.

Here’s the tweet that made everyone say, “Wait, what?”

Credit: @jlo / Twitter

The tweet was immediately deleted, but the Internet lasts forever and people made sure to remind her of that.

She even used #AllLivesMatter on Instagram.

Credit: @jlo / Instagram

And, immediately, Twitter came together to drag her to hell and back.

And no part of her past was left untouched.

Like, her entire 1990s phase was called into question over the hashtag.

And J.Lo’s love of hip-hop and R&B was questioned.

This person even revoked her Bronx membership card.

People did come to her defense.

Even offering J.Lo a way out, a la Mariah Carey.

Seems totally possible, right?

People were pleading with Lin-Manuel Miranda to educate J.Lo on the origin of the hashtag.

Here’s what people thought Miranda was feeling like post tweet controversy.

And again, people came to J.Lo’s rescue trying to quell the anger.

But others wanted to point out just how harsh the U.S. has been on Puerto Rico, her motherland.

But over all, people were just plain disappointed…

Like, suuuuuper disappointed.

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