It’s Embarrassing, But Face It: All Mexicans Own These Things

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The accuracy is painful.

If you grew up with Mexican parents you probably had at least 80% of these nacadas in your house. Deep down you know life wouldn’t have been the same without them, like…

A Vintage Photo of Your Abuelitos


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Why SO serious?! This is the original #TBT for sure.

Of Course, Your Embarrassing Quince Photo

¡Qué horror! And there’s probably more than one haunting you every time you visit home.

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This Amazing Seasoning of the Gods

This is powdered gold. Perfect over literally everything – even the back of your hand. C’mon, don’t pretend you don’t do that!

DIY Tupperware


Butter? Noooo. It’s just another tub of frozen salsa. You should know better by now.

Handmade Decor

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Ma is the original Etsy.

Plastic-covered Furniture


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Sitting here was hell. But anything to keep the furniture looking new 20 years later.

Vicks AKA “Vics Vaporú”

#vaporu #momsbelike

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Me: “Ma, I have a headache.”

Mom: “Rub it on your head.”

Me: “Ma, my stomach hurts.”

Mom: “Rub it on your stomach and place a paper towel over it.”

Me: “Ma, my leg hurts.”

Mom: “Rub it super fast on your leg.”

It was also the first thing your mom added to your medicine cabinet when you moved out.

A TvNotas Issue from Seven Months Ago

La lectura semanal, obligatoria. #hola #tvnotas #vanidades

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And of course, it’s still in the bathroom for guests to read.

The Infamous Chancla

the struggle is real…lol #Chancla

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No need for a pair, this one is solely used for whooping yo’ ass. And it randomly appears when needed — creepy.

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A Calendar Like This

Complete with the names of saints on their feast days to remind you why your uncle, born on August 31, was named Ramón. This also explains why you have that middle name that you keep secret.

Selena CDs that Play at Every Party

The queen! ? There’s no party like a Mexican party. You’ll laugh, possibly cry and definitely embarrass yourself trying to reach every musical note during “Como La Flor.” It’s a classic!

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#LaPlacitaOlvera #virgendeguadalupe #veladora

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Your parents were strict about not leaving your Bath & Body Works candle aflame when you left the house, but God forbid you extinguish their veladora. Along with disrespecting the saints, you can expect at least a week of grounding.

Shimmery Jesus Picture

Jesus, I trust in you

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You don’t really remember how or where your family got this picture, but it’s been in your kitchen (of all places) for ages.

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