If You’re Mexican, There’s 99% Chance You Do These Things

You don’t play around or try to water sh*t down. You’re proud to be Mexican and want everyone to know it.

You flip tortillas the way God intended.

No spatula? No problem!

And the comal is just there for decoration.

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Who needs cookware when you can control the elements to get a perfectly crisp tortilla.

Your meal idea of a well balanced meal is this:

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The juguito is the best part. You never let it go to waste.

Dinner isn’t dinner if these are not on the table.

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Another juguito you use to add flavor to your other meals.

Foods like these are a blasphemy to you.

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KALEMOLE? REALLY?! **Writes angry letter to Whole Foods**

You religiously use the same board when playing lotería.

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And you’ll fight anyone who tries to take it from you.

You can’t walk past a fan and not recreate iconic “Rosa De Guadalupe” scenes.

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You just can’t.

This is how your family prepares for a “small gathering.”

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Just a couple of friends… and primos… and tíos… and every single one of your Facebook friends.

And at these small gatherings, you prove to everyone you can keep up with “Payaso del Rodeo.”


All speeds.

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