If You Were Broke Growing Up, These Halloween Hacks Will Be Too Real

We all know Halloween decorations, candy and costumes get super pricey. But that never stopped our parents from making sure we enjoyed Halloween… on a slim budget.

Time to bring out the old piñata candy!


You waited in line to hit the piñata at your little prima’s birthday party and you scrambled to the floor to get as many dulces as possible, right? Well your parents definitely put all of your hard earned dulces to good use! You can’t let all of the Duvalín, Pulparindo and Mazapán go to waste, that just wouldn’t be right. 

Your parents drove miles to get to the rich neighborhoods to trick-or-treat.

If you handed out recycled piñata candy, chances are your neighbors were probably doing the same. So if you wanted some Costco-size, freshly purchased candy bars, you had to drive to donde viven los ricos.

And when they didn’t want to spend money for more candy… ¡Apaga las luces y cállate!


Your parents would shut the blinds and tell you to be as quiet as possible. You might still have some trick-or-treaters come knock on your door, but they’d be gone in three seconds and on to the next house.

For sure your family stocked up on candy the day after Halloween (when it went on SALE).


There’s nothing better than post-holiday sales, one of which includes Halloween candy. By stocking up on all of the Halloween candy that’s on sale, you were prepared to fill up any piñatas for upcoming November and December birthday parties.

You would then use that candy for future holidays.

Not only can all of the Halloween candy you bought on sale be useful for birthday parties, but also for future holidays. Why buy expensive chocolate for your significant other on Valentine’s Day when you have loads of Halloween candy?

You always had the most original costume because mom made them at home.

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You didn’t waste your time pushing through the crowds Party City to get a $70 costume. Your crafty mom busted out her máquina de coser every year and made her own replicas.

No shame here – most of us recycled costumes from the year before… 0r from 10 years ago.

That costume might’ve had a few tears and stains, or might’ve been a little tight under the arms, but you had to pick between wearing a tight costume or no costume at all. Oh, and you knew better than to complain to mom or she’d lash out and call you a malagradecido, and kiss trick-or-treating goodbye.

And then you’d pass that same costume on to the younger generation.


If you have any younger brothers or sisters, they were in luck! Or misfortune depending on how you look at it. On the bright side, this finally meant you’d get rid of your old, dusty costume and upgrade to something different for Halloween.

Tickets for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios? Nope. Sit down and let mom tell you about El CuCuy…


Buying tickets for Halloween Horror Nights were very expensive. And waiting in line for the mazes and rides? Who has time for that? Luckily your parents had a cheap alternative: stories about El CuCuy or La Llorona.

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