why do latinas pierce babies ears?. Part Of Latino Life

Did your mom ever do this to you?

why do latinas pierce babies ears, well  Latino USA recently talked with some of its own employees about childhood traditions. Latino USA producer Fernanda Echávarri shared her own story about two traditions that she thought everyone else was doing but, as she explains in the podcast, it wasn’t until later that she learned they were definitely more Latino than anything else.

Some Latina moms shave their baby’s hair so it grows thicker.

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As a child born in the 80s in Mexico, Echávarri’s parents totally believed the myth and, in line with Mexican tradition for children with little hair, she was shaved. Of course she didn’t remember getting her hair shaved, but when she saw pictures later in life she demanded that they be destroyed, well, sort of.

There’s also the ear piercing ritual before leaving the hospital.

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This one has some truth to it as a tradition. According to a historian interviewed in the podcast, why do latinas pierce babies ears is a common question, piercing the ears was something in Aztec culture and it was done to both boys and girls. The blood that was spilled was seen as a kind of sacrifice for the gods and the piercing would be a day-long ceremony. Maria Hinojosa, who spoke in the podcast, talked about how when she had her daughter, she asked the doctor to pierce her ears. Of course, she was told no since it would require a plastic surgeon so she waited for 10 months and took the child to have the ears pierced. She confesses that she feels like a bad mom.

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