9 Dating Tips My Abuelita Gave Me That Saved My Relationships

My abuela passed away, at age 102. She made sure to leave a legacy of old-fashioned dating advice that surprisingly has helped me in my relationships. Here’s what she told me…

Déjelo Ser


Nothing attracts a guy more than feeling he’s still got his freedom. But you know what they say, too much of anything can be a bad thing.

No Lo Persiga


Flirting with him is great, chasing him will only make him run faster.

Preséntelo Con Su Mami


Mom’s can see through bullshit. One look at him and she’ll tell you what she thinks of him. Most likely she’ll say he’s no good for you.

Gánese A La Suegra


And may the Lord protect you and be with you.



Nothing scares a potential novio more than a woman that screams desperation.

Sea Usted Misma


It’s better that he knows (and likes) the real you from the get go.

Escuche La Tripa


Your gut doesn’t lie, neither do your instincts.

No Crea Todo Lo Que Le Dice


Actions speak louder than words.

No Seas Escandalosa


No one likes a drama queen. Not a novio. Not your amiga. No one.

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What dating advice did your abuelita give you? Comment below and click the share button!

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