Proof That An All-Latino “Kimmy Schmidt” Cast Would Totally Work


“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is a show that’ll turn you into the ? emoji IRL with its mile-a-minute witty banter and characters like diva-in-waiting Titus Andromedon and the effervescent Kimmy Schmidt. Naturally, we wondered what the Netflix show would be like if it were just a lil’ more Latino. Find out as we cast away!


Meet Karina Sanchez!

Kimmy Schmidt would be played by vivacious Maite Perroni. We already know Maite can pull off the quirky lead due to her role in the telenovela “Antes Muerta que lichita”.

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The former RBD singer and current telenovela queen would play the part of Karina, whose backstory includes being a “mole woman” kidnapped by a Trump supporter and put in an underground tunnel! Her ’90s style influences would come from Xuxa and “In Living Color”-era JLo.

Meet Tito Andromendez!


He might be 30+ years older than Titus Andromedon, but Juan Gabriel has the vocal chops, wardrobe and exaggerated jazz hands necessary to give life to Tito, Titus’ Latino counterpart.


His theme song would be “Tequuuiiiillaa” instead of “Peeno Noir”.

Meet Joanna!


Eva Longoria already has the whole “desperate housewife” vibe down pat to play a Latina equivalent to the hilariously vain Jacqueline (née Jackie Lynn) Voorhees.

Instead of being Native American from South Dakota like Jackie Lynn, Joanna would have Aztec ancestry — and, unlike Jackie Lynn, she’d be damn proud of it.

Meet Diego!

Dong Nguyen’s hopeless romantic character would be played by Gael Garcia Bernal, wistful and wide-eyed in a land full of new opportunities (and new love).


Instead of playing a Vietnamese guy delivering Chinese food, Diego would be from Argentina and have a part-time job in the U.S. delivering Mexican food.

Meet Liliana!

The lovably bizarre Lillian Kaushtupper would be played with tongue-in-cheek humor by the great Carmen Salinas!

Instead of being a landlord in a ramshackle apartment in New York, Liliana would be hounding her residents for rent in Echo Park in Los Angeles.

Meet the Mexican Grocery Bag!


And finally, Kimmy’s purple Jansport backpack is basically a character in itself. It even has a plotline dedicated to it when she leaves it at a club! The mochila would get a makeover though as a purple Mexican grocery bag. Karina wouldn’t get any side eyes, though, because all the hipsters in Echo Park would dig it.

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Is there a Latina character you would want to see in Kimmy Schmidt that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!

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