Selena Makes A Great Latina Disney Princess, Just Sayin’

We’d begin our story not in a land far, far away or a European palace, but in Texas…meaning, of course, that the royal banquet would consist of Whataburger.

Credit: Disney / mitú

…And a whole medium pizza.

Our princess wouldn’t wear just any old gown. Too basicInstead, she’d wear a shimmering bustier she designed on her own. She’d make it pink. She’d make it blue. She’d make it gold and red and silver, too.

Oh, and she’d wear a few jumpsuits here and there. Why not?

See, from an early age, the princess would have demonstrated that she was special, different from the rest.

Credit: Disney / mitú

She’d have been bestowed very special gifts from The Three Fairies (obviously named Bidi, Bidi and Bom):

The gift of song.

The gift of kindness.

The (very important) gift of being able to pull off wearing a jumpsuit.

And, the gift of DANCE!

Credit: Disney / mitú

But things are not always easy just because you’re a princess. Sometimes, she’d find herself balancing between two very different worlds. Is she Mexican enough for the Mexicans, American enough for the Americans? Without a doubt, she’d be 100% Tejana throughout.

And even when times were tough, she’d wouldn’t need this whole “Prince Charming” business. She’d save herself.

Of course, that doesn’t mean our princess wouldn’t recognize true love when she sees it.

Credit: Disney / mitú

Her loyal subjects would honor her across the land and throughout generations.

The less said about witches, the better. They don’t deserve our time.

See, the truth is that “happily ever after” doesn’t happen as easily as in fairytales. But no matter.

We can still have our princess, we still have romance and we still have fairytales real life stories that inspire us to dream a little bigger.

Credit: Disney / mitú

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