Instagram Would’ve Made Rebelde More Dramatic

Here’s what our feeds would look like if Instagram existed back in the day of Rebelde.

Mia would have the prettiest caught-off-guard selfies and no doubt be Insta-famous.

RBD-Mia 2 copy
Credit: Televisa / Luis Hernández

Followed by Miguel’s sweet posts about her.

Credit: Televisa / Luis Hernández

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Gio’s #OOTD posts would give us life.

RBD-giv copy
Credit: Televisa / Luis Hernández

But Diego would be that one guy we’re thinking about unfollowing.

Credit: Televisa / Luis Hernández

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Quite the opposite of Lupita, the do-gooder.

Credit: Televisa / Luis Hernández

However, we’d live variously through Roberta’s #aboutlastnight posts.

Credit: Televisa / Luis Hernández

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And wish we could be part of this ultimate squad.

Credit: Televisa / Luis Hernández

¡Y soy Rebelde!

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Selena Answers that Same Old Question, It Tears Us Up


Selena Answers that Same Old Question, It Tears Us Up

Selena Gomez

As she posed for the camera in a Downtown L.A. motel that charges by the hour, Selena Gomez says she never intended for her life to become a tabloid.

The photoshoot was for InStyle UK and in the interview she revealed — or repeated — that she was tired of talking about Justin Bieber. We get it. We’re tired of Justin Bieber, too.

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In fact, she’s dating someone else — and she won’t say much more. “It’s hard and I’m weirded out by the idea that a guy has googled me before we meet, and that has happened.” She adds: “I feel like I look 16 sometimes, which is a bummer because I would love to date older guys.” We’re sure older guys would love to date her too, but we’re not going to make it weird.

She also talked about her bestie Taylor Swift and how their typical girls night is not about PJs and pillow fights, but mostly talking about boys and regrets. Wait… isn’t THAT a typical girls night?

Read more about what Selena has to say about her body, boys and her family here.

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