It’s Real: The End of the World Is Near

There are dozens of theories that the world is ending on Sept. 23, 2015.

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Yes Teresa, as in we’re all supposed to die.

There’s Sir Isaac Newton’s hypothesis.

Credit: The God Particle / YouTube

And Hadron Collider’s philosphy about a comet hitting the day Pope Francis and President Obama meet.

Credit: The God Particle / YouTube

That would be… today!

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But nothing confirms the end is near like all this…

The end of Sábado Gigante.

Credit: Thenug.com

We never thought we’d see the day.

Selena has practically risen from the dead.

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The Selena / MAC makeup line is actually happening! Her family just released a new song and there’s going to be a Selena hologram going on tour.

We can now visit Cuba.

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Like Jay Z and Beyoncé – without all the criticism.


Credit: MTV / Tumblr

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of gay marriage and we never thought it would actually happen.

And the Pope isn’t exactly against gay marriage either.

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Trump is leading the republican polls.

Credit: Reddit

Yes, really ?.

Turns out la Macarena is really a slore.

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It’s like our entire childhood was a lie.

A restaurant in Texas is serving Concha Burgers.

Credit: Telemundo


And Whole Foods is selling guacamole with kale.

Credit: ABC

Wish we were kidding, but here’s the proof.

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