Si Quieres Quedar Bien With Your Colombian Mother In Law, Take Down These Notes

La suegra is the fastest way to your lover’s heart. If you’re dating a Colombian, winning over your sweetheart’s mom can be a bit challenging. This guide will make the challenge way easier.

Do your homework: you must know where she’s from.

A paisa (coffee region) and a rola (Bogotá) are not the same kind of Colombian. Don’t make this lethal mistake.

And make every word in your homework is spelled correctly.


Please don’t ever say Columbia when referring to her home country. She’ll give you the death stare.

Learn your steps.


Vallenato, salsa, porro and merengue will happen at any given time. Be prepared.

You really want to earn her heart? Enter through her stomach.


Nothing says “I need your approval” like a warm plate of ajiaco, especially if you made it.

Don’t talk like they do in “Narcos.”


As a matter of fact, refrain from even mentioning the show.

Remove the word “parce” from your vocabulary. Just delete it.


You’d lose major points.

Tell her her two-hour glam is the most fabulous makeup job you’ve ever seen.


Colombian mamás put a lot of time into looking fantásticas… And they love it when you notice.

Her arepas should be your favorite arepas.


Even if you don’t like arepas. You like hers.

School yourself on things that matter to her.


Like novelas colombianas, of course, such as “Las hermanitas calle,” “La niña,” “Diomedes,” “Betty la fea,” “Café con aroma de mujer.” You’ll be chatting it up with her in no time.

But above all, love Colombia.


She’ll love you for it.

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Watch This TV-Ready Haircut Explain Why Anti-Immigration Walls Are Flawed

things that matter

Watch This TV-Ready Haircut Explain Why Anti-Immigration Walls Are Flawed


If you’re not a fan of Donald Trump, then chances are you’re probably not a fan of his proposed wall. And for good reason. The wall is like one of those medications that offers to cure your symptoms, but it also creates so many side effects that it makes you wonder if it’s even worth the trouble. A proposed $20 billion wall to stop immigration patterns that are already on the decline definitely fits that description. In this clip from “Adam Ruins Everything,” host Adam Conover breaks down several of the wall’s most glaring flaws, providing equal parts fact and humor to keep things moving along. The result is often entertaining, and keeps Adam from getting too up his own a** about the subject.

However, one of the main problems with this clip is that it makes Latinas look super uninformed. Adam corrects them every chance he gets.


I get that their scripted ignorance about immigration gives Adam the chance to be the informed hero, which is what the show is ultimately about. But if you step back from the humor, what you have is a white man telling two Latinas how to look at a particular subject, one that they are most likely very familiar with given their ethnic background. Maybe I’m biased because of where I work, but I see first-hand from my coworkers that we deserve better representation in these kinds of sketches. I’m probably going to sound like I’m a little too up my own ass about this minor quibble, but this isn’t the first time the sketch writers have used these Latina’s ignorance to prop up Adam.

Check out the clip where Adam explains what’s wrong with the U.S. immigration system.


Maybe soon we’ll have better representation in these kinds of videos, but who do you think is going to write those sketches?

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