9 Habits Most Colombians Will Relate To

As a Colombian myself, I can say that most of us have these tendencies…

We wear yellow soccer shirts to any social event.


Because it’s the color of the soccer team’s jersey, we wear it proudly regardless of the situation.

We ask for tintico over capuccino ALL the time.

Colombians need their version of cafecito to perform basic functions.

We’ll eat anything.

Most of us refer to everyone by parce, like our friends…


And those we wish were our friends.

Es de confianza.

We drink “guaro” and “pola.”


Aguardiente and Colombian beer are now found in all major U.S. cities. Thank goodness.

We all know at least one vallenato.

We’re amazing at spelling.

We die for arequipe and bocadillo.

We don’t confuse paila for a frying pan.