How Edgar Allan Poe Saved Ingrid, a Latina Addicted to Prescription Drugs

When You Realize It’s Okay to be Different

“You can’t expect things to just happen, you have to go out and get them.”  After nearly losing everything because of a severe addiction to prescription drugs, this 18-year-old decided to give life and school another shot. Ingrid Lopez, started with baby steps. She signed up for her first class and passed it in a week. From there, there were no limits. What inspired her? Dark, raw, poetry like the works of Edgar Allan Poe that remind her there is always someone who has it worse – and if they made it through, so could she.

Here’s How Obama’s Immigration Policy Might Help Your Family

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Here’s How Obama’s Immigration Policy Might Help Your Family

Obama’s Immigration Policy Could Save Your Family

These immigration policies could decide whether or not your family is ripped apart by deportation. The supreme court will rule on Obama’s proposed DACA and DAPA in June, 2016. Get informed here and get the word out.

Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

#WeAreAmerica: Our Voice Matters


#WeAreAmerica: Our Voice Matters

Credit: we are mitú / YouTube

“We are told that we drain the country of it’s benefits and resources.”

No more “you don’t look American.” No more calling us “criminals.” No more. Diego Boneta, Nicholas González and Vanessa Vasquez are just a few of the celebs lending their voice to the #WeAreAmerica campaign to set the record straight about Latino Americans in the United States.

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